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10 things to keep in mind

10 things to keep in mind


In this complete guide we explain what are the points that you should take into account when hiring mobile insurance.

Which mobile insurance to choose: 10 things to keep in mind
Mobile insurance protects you against possible accidents that may occur to your device.

This is a complete guide that will help you choose the ideal insurance for your mobile. We cover what matters most, from coverage and repair costs to customer service and price comparison. Discover the keys to make the best decision and determine if you really need insurance for your mobile or not. Although Mobile insurance has advantagesit is also good to take time to decide. Stay with us until the end!

Insurance coverage

Let’s start with the most important. Let’s talk about the insurance coverage. In this sense, it is essential that you make sure that the insurance is really going to cover accidental damage, theft and loss of the device. Another important issue is that the contract is specific, specifically talking about protection against water damage, broken screen and electrical problems.

And, as usually happens in these cases, you must be very clear about what the coverage conditions, compensation limits and exclusions. For example, an insurance might advertise that it covers any damage, but only in the event that the device stops working completely.

Finally, find out whether the company will offer you an expedited phone replacement in case of accident. The best thing is that, before contracting, read the terms and conditions carefully to make sure that the coverage suits your needs and is really useful to you.

devices included

Another point that you should review is whether the insurer offers the possibility of include multiple devices in one package. You may find the option of grouping the policies for your phone, tablet or other electronic devices interesting.

The main advantage of grouping several devices in the same policy is that you can Obtain comprehensive coverage and simplify insurance management. Although sometimes they are not advertised so explicitly, it is not uncommon for packages to be provided for various devices.

Repair costs

Which mobile insurance to choose: 10 things to keep in mind

Some insurances could be associated with some additional costs when it comes to repairing something as delicate as the screen

Let’s continue with the third point when evaluating mobile insurance. And it is crucial Consider the costs of repairs. In this regard, you should clarify the following points:

  • Additional charges for repair. Some insurers may apply additional charges when fixing your device. Before purchasing insurance, check to see if there are any service fees you may have to pay when filing a claim. Typically, these payments are lower than a repair without insurance, but you must be clear about the important ones before taking out the policy.
  • official price comparison. In addition, we recommend you weigh the cost of insurance compared to the price of repairs in an official center. Sometimes the amount of the policy can be comparable or even higher than the cost of a specific repair. Evaluate these factors carefully so you don’t get unpleasant surprises.

Customer Service

The Customer Support It should be a priority in the company you choose to take out your insurance. You do well to know the multiple channels of communication to send queries or make claims to the insurer. At the very least, you should be able to talk to the customer support team via phone, email, chat, or WhatsApp.

This will make it easier for you to ask the right questions, solve problems, or get support. Do not forget: good customer service is an indicator that you will receive the necessary support in case you require assistance with your mobile insurance.

repair centers

It is the turn of the repair centers. Where will your phone be sent if it has been damaged? This is a question that you must resolve before taking out the insurance. It is best to verify that the insurer work with centers specialized in the brand of your mobile.

Which mobile insurance to choose: 10 things to keep in mind

In which repair centers will fix the damage to your phone? It is good that you have this information, as well as the location of these

To what extent is this point relevant? Well, the fact of having access to a specialized repair center increases the chances of obtaining a quality service and guarantees that the spare parts used are genuine. This is even more crucial if your device has a high market value.

Other insurance contracted

Do you have other insurance contracted? Sure, you probably have an active policy on your home. Then, check home insurance coverage what you currently have You may already have certain active coverages that protect your mobile devices.

Without going any further, some home insurance provide a Comprehensive coverage covering accidental damage, theft or loss of mobile devices. Compare the protections included in both insurances and decide if you really need a specific one for your mobile. Obviously, if you do not duplicate coverage, you reduce expenses while keeping your devices protected.

Beware of free quotas

Let’s talk about a trick that some insurers use to attract and retain you as a customer. We refer to the free installments, which are included in some promotions. Normally, there are two ways to enjoy a trial month:

  • When contracting the insurance. It is important to read the terms and conditions carefully before accepting any offer of free insurance. Make sure you fully understand the requirements and steps needed to cancel the insurance if you decide you don’t want to continue with it
  • When you buy a new device. Another possibility is that, when buying a new mobile, the salesperson gives you the option of trying insurance for a month. In many cases, this technique is usually associated with difficulties in paying the monthly payment. The best thing is that you verify well what you are really signing so that they do not make unexpected charges to your bank account.

Insurance vs. official guarantee

Let’s focus for a moment on the official guarantee. In Spain, by law, one of these two coverages is offered:

  • 2 years warranty. For products purchased before January 1, 2022.
  • 3 year warranty. For equipment purchased after January 1, 2022.

The guarantee covers damage to the device, as long as it is not derived from use by the owner. That means that if the phone has a problem on the screen that has not been caused by a blow or manipulation of the parts, the manufacturer must take responsibility.

Which mobile insurance to choose: 10 things to keep in mind

The guarantee does not cover accidental damage, but it does cover operating problems that prevent the correct operation of the device

The point is that when choosing insurance it is important that purchase a package that goes beyond the warranty coverage. Otherwise, you will be paying for a service that the manufacturer must provide to the consumer in a mandatory manner.

Payment method

What payment options does the insurance company offer you? The normal thing is that it offers you to pay the fee in the following way:

  • Annual. It is a higher payment, but sometimes it is associated with discounts with respect to the monthly payment.
  • Monthly payment. It is a more flexible and cheaper entry option.
  • pay as you go. A novel way that allows the user to turn insurance coverage on or off as they see fit. Thus, if you are going to spend a long time at home, you may consider it appropriate to pause the insurance. You will be charged the proportional part at the end of the month.

With these modalities on the table, here are some tips to avoid making mistakes when taking out insurance:

  • Check the permanence. The fact that insurance offers a monthly payment does not mean that you can unsubscribe at any time. You may have to keep your contract with the company for a certain time.
  • payment platforms. It is worth taking a look at the payment options provided by the insurer. The usual thing is to pay the fee with a card, but it may be convenient for you to do it with Apple Pay or a bank account.


And we come to the final point: the price. If in the end you decide to take out insurance, we urge you to compare prices and find out the opinion of other users. It is also positive that, when you read recommendations from the media, you make sure that this is not a sponsored article or that contains affiliate links.

We do not want to say that these practices are illegitimate, far from it. But, it is evident that in an ad or a medium that earns money from links that includes in the text you will not find a fair comparison between insurance companies.

Once you have found an insurer that enjoys a good reputation and offers you everything you need, take out the insurance by carefully reading all the terms and conditions. And if you have doubts, ask a commercial agent. Don’t take anything for granted.


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