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2 WiFi bulbs with adjustable RGB light for 18.99 euros


Smart lighting is becoming a staple in new 21st century homes.

Smart offer: 2 WiFi bulbs with adjustable RGB light for 18.99 euros
Customize the color and lighting of your home from your mobile or even with your voice with these bulbs.

If you are starting to set up your smart home, you will like to know that it is no longer so expensive to create an idyllic and personalized lighting environment. With a couple of bulbs you can regulate intensity and color of a complete stay and for very little money. Today I want to recommend this pack of 2 tapo bulbs, with own appby 18.99 euros on Amazon. So you can see how good the offer is, a single bulb costs 13.99 euros MediaMarkt.

With a smart bulb like this you can choose between 16 million colors To get the perfect atmosphere for your home, schedule it to turn on and off when you’re not around or set everything so that your virtual assistant help you with its operation at all times. Leave the 20th century behind and get these bulbs at the best price in their history.

TP-Link L630 Cap (2 Pack)

Buy 2 bulbs with WiFi and RGB light for 18.99 euros

smart lighting

You can get the most appropriate lighting for the task you are doing.

There are several aspects that I should highlight from these bulbs with wifi from TP-Link. They are a great option to save you good money if you were thinking of buying similar ones in the catalog of Xiaomi or Yeelight bulbs. This model has is for GU10 socketsit is very abundant in current lamps and, above all, in false ceilings.

These bulbs have a lighting maximum of 350 lumens and a minimum of 7 lumensso a pack like this of two bulbs or two packs with 4 bulbs would be ideal to illuminate a room of about 15-20 square meters. This intensity can be easily regulated from the tapo app.

On the other hand, we can also regulate the temperature of the light, from 2200K to 6500K. This ranges from a more yellowish light to the purest white, like that of an operating room. Sometimes you want to read a book and you should choose a light with a lower temperatureand at other times you must do a task that requires a more real and white light.

control mobile lights

From the tapo app you can regulate intensity, temperature, colors and programming.

He maximum energy consumption of these bulbs is 3.7Wor what is the same, about 15 times less than a classic filament bulb with a similar illumination. It is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant assistants. this that you can add the bulbs to the Amazon Alexa and Google Home apps and control them from them or with your voice or by creating routines so that their operation is practically autonomous.

To configure the bulbs for the first time we just have to download tapo app for android and for iOS. Later, we turn off the switch Where will we put the light bulb? We turn on the switch and we will add the bulb in the app in a few simple steps.

TP-Link L630 Cap (2 Pack)

A very interesting function of the tapo app and these light bulbs is that you can set them in absent or vacation mode. With this you only have to choose the days of the week and a time slot so that the lights turn on and off for a few minutes randomly to show that we are home.

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