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20th anniversary of MOBA game called “Dota”


Thursday, December 29, 2022 at 1:29:26 p.m. Indochina time

Twenty years ago, IceFrog created this game mod based on characters from WarCraft III, and today Dota is the original MOBA of many games around the world available in the game. Now such as League of Legends, RoV, Mobile Legends and countless others.

But as you know, Dota’s journey is not possible because it is only a mod developed from WarCraft III, so Valve decided to contact Icefrog, the person behind the development of Dota, to make an offer to purchase. The rights to the Dota game, Icefrog eventually decided to accept the offer from Valve.

Eventually, Dota 2 was born, with two key figures of Icefrog Kyle “Eul” Sommer at the forefront of its development, and Dota 2 has been a huge success since its launch. Which is guaranteed by the number of players and the number of viewers of The International or TI competition every year

Which is considered very fast for the age of the Dota game, because it can be believed that Thai or global gamers must have all experienced the fun and fun of the game 5-5 with 3 sides Lane, also known until now that it is a MOBA game.

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