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3 public administration apps that you may not have known about

3 public administration apps that you may not have known about


The public administration has developed very interesting apps to carry out procedures, find out about education options and even save your digital credentials.

There is life beyond My Citizen Folder: 3 public administration apps that you may not have known about
All these public administration apps are free to download // Image: Beatriz Alcántara Gil.

My Citizen Folder is one of the most popular public administration apps, and also one of the most useful. With it you can see your working life, your academic qualifications and even make an appointment at the different administrations. Eye, there is life beyond My Citizen Folder and we want to prove it to you by talking about 3 public administration apps that you may not know yet.

We have selected 3 varied applications related to the Tax agency, The education and even with him storage of your digital credentials. We are going to explain to you what each one of them works for, so you can get the most out of it.


QEDU app menus

With the QEDU app you will be able to know the offer of the Spanish university.

QEDU is an app developed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation that is oriented to the field of education. The name of the application is an acronym for “What to study and where in the University”which indicates the objective of the app. Correct, with QEDU you will be able to know what it is the university offer Spanish, discover the different qualifications and in which universities they are available.

The application has a search with several filters that you can use so that the results are according to your interests. For example, you can search for available engineering degrees, double master’s degrees taught in Spain or doctorates. By clicking on one of the degrees, you will be able to know the cut-off notethe university where it is taught and even the level of job placement.

If you want to study a new title, but you don’t know all the options at your disposal, QEDU is an application for Android that will be tremendously useful. Can download it for free through the following link to Google play.

Google Play Store | QEDU

digital wallet

Digital Wallet App

Digital Wallet is a free app created by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation.

Digital wallet is, as its name suggests, a digital wallet in which you can store credentials to access public online services. The idea is that in this app you can save your personal documentation and your passwords, even have the ID to be able to leave without the physical document from home. for now, its use is limited to the university environmentthat they can use Digital Wallet to identify themselves in a series of universities that collaborate with the project.

The application carries only a few months availablehence its use is currently so limited. The idea is that the few users who currently use it give comment about its performance and developers can refine it before extending its functionalities. We don’t know exactly when it will be, but we do know that Digital Wallet will be a key app for digital identification.

Google Play Store | digital wallet

Tax agency

Tax Agency App

The Tax Agency is an essential app at this point.

More than 1 million downloads in the Play Store already accumulate Tax agencythe app promoted by the State Tax Administration Agency. With this application you can carry out various procedures related to this organization from your mobile or tablet, from submit the income statement until making an appointment at a nearby office. In addition, you can also use it for pay or defer your debts, download your tax data on your mobile and sign documents.

Google Play Store | Tax agency

Without a doubt, the Tax Agency is one of the essential apps of the public administration. You have several options to log in: digital certificate, Cl@ve, electronic DNI or through the reference number. Download the app on your smartphone or tablet for free through the following link and carry out the procedures from the comfort of home.


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