Home Tech 4 reasons (very personal) to get the iPhone 14 Pro

4 reasons (very personal) to get the iPhone 14 Pro

4 reasons (very personal) to get the iPhone 14 Pro


We’ve been using the iPhone 14 Pro for 6 months and here are the 4 reasons why we highly recommend it.

4 reasons (very personal) to get the iPhone 14 Pro

Our colleagues from Urban Tecno have 6 months using the iPhone 14 Pro as personal phonewhich has allowed them to know very closely how this terminal behaves. This time has been more than enough to choose 4 reasons why it is worth getting this iPhone 14 Pro. These are very personal aspects, but they will surely help you if you are thinking of buying this smartphone from Apple.

You can learn about these 4 reasons to get the iPhone 14 Pro in the following video from Tik Tok. We already told you what they are very diverse issues that range from design to the biometrics section, it is worth knowing them because they will show you a more personal point of view about the use of this mobile.

@urbantecno 4 Things I like about the iPhone 14 Pro #iphone14 #iphone #apple #urbantechno ♬ original sound – Urban Techno

Compact and comfortable design

The first aspect to highlight positively about this iPhone 14 Pro is that it is a high-end premium mobile which is not hugesomething that makes it stand out significantly from the most direct competition. has a size compactwhat results very comfortable on a daily basisboth in use and when always carrying it with us.

It is not a huge mobile with a 6.6-6.7-inch screen, and that is appreciated. In fact, its screen is only 6.1 inchesso you can operate comfortably with one hand. He certainly deserves a place among The best compact phones on the current market.

An improved, high-quality screen

iPhone 14 Pro screen

The iPhone 14 Pro screen has great quality // Image: Urban Tecno.

These 6 months have served our partner from Urban Tecno to confirm that the iPhone 14 Pro screen is one of the best on the market at the moment. It is a very important fact, because precisely the screen was one of the sections that did not convince him of the iPhone 13 Pro, the previous model.

Fortunately, Apple has been able to correct specific errors and offer a high-quality screen in this iPhone 14 Pro. It shows that it has a better contrast and a more than correct maximum brightnesskey aspects in a better visualization of the images.

face identification

After improving all the details that were missing in previous versions, the iPhone 14 Pro has a very useful Face ID in daily use. We are facing a facial recognition system safe and very fastIt is a pleasure to use it when unlocking the mobile. Basically, using Face ID is a real wonder and one of the aspects for which it is worth buying the iPhone 14 Pro.

It is important to highlight this aspect, since Face ID has previously suffered problems in recognition due to details such as the use of masks and glasses. All these failures from the past, because the biometrics system works perfectly on this phone.

The best video recording on the market

The last reason why we recommend the iPhone 14 Pro is their camerasespecially as regards Video recording regards. The terminal is prepared to capture videos of the highest quality, thanks especially to its 48-megapixel rear camera with optical image stabilization. Specifically, you will have the option to record video in 4K at 24, 25, 30 or 60 fpsin 1080p at 25, 30 or 60 f/s and in 720p at 30 f/s.

In this iPhone 14 Pro you will find different modes that will allow you to make the most of video recording, such as the Cinema mode and Action mode. Definitely, both this iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are the best phones that you can choose if what you want is to have the best video capture, this has been confirmed by Urban Tecno during all these months.

iPhone 14 Pro (128GB)

If you want to get the iPhone 14 Pro, we remind you that there are several memory configurations at your disposal. The terminal part of the 1,319 euros in the 128 GB modelalthough it is possible to find it with discounts in stores like Amazon and The English Court.

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