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4 tricks to identify if it is your problem


The first thing is to check if Twitter fails or is your mobile. Then we will tell you what to do in each case.

How to know if Twitter is down: 4 tricks to identify if it's your problem
There are 4 quick ways to identify if Twitter is failing or the problem is yours

Sometimes it’s hard distinguish if a social network has fallen or if we cannot access it due to our problem. In this case we are going to show you how to know if Twitter has fallen through 4 tricks. This will tell us if we should wait for workers to fix the servers or fix the error on our own.

How to know if Twitter is down

bug reporters

Some websites tell us if a social network is giving problems. The most popular is Downdetector. From it, users notify that Twitter is failing, forming a graph with all the notifications. If you can see a spike on that graph right now, it’s because Twitter is failing globally, not just for you.

Down Detector Screenshot

Downdetector tells you if a social network is failing

Check if Twitter fails in Downdetector

Apart from Downdetector, there are other bug reporters:

  • Down for everyone or just me

Check if Twitter crashes in Down for Everyone or Just Me

Check if Twitter crashes at Is it crashing?

Check if Twitter fails in IsDownStatus

Look on the Internet

The previous method is faster, but if you want to make sure that the platform fails, you can also perform a search by browser. In case Twitter is down, many media will report it.

Enter Elon Musk’s profile

Elon Musk often reports platform updates and bugs. One way to find out if Twitter crashes is access your profile to check if you have tweeted about the situation. On the other hand, social networks sometimes slow down or break features during updates, so if you tweeted that changes are being made, that may be the reason. Accessing Musk’s profile will only be possible with minor problems, not with those that prevent access to the platform.

Screenshot of a tweet from Elon Musk

If the failure is not very serious, you can enter the profile of Elon Musk

Elon Musk profile on Twitter

ask your friends

Finally, you will always have the classic formula of ask your friends on whatsapp or other social networks. They will confirm if they cannot access normally either.

What to do if it doesn’t work or it’s my problem?

What to do if Twitter doesn’t work?

If Twitter isn’t working, you won’t be able to do much of anything. You will have to wait for the platform workers to solve the problem. Meanwhile you can entertain yourself on other similar social networks, such as Mastodon or Threads, the Twitter-inspired Instagram app.

It can also happen that the problem only appears on one version of the platform. This was what happened recently with the limitation of tweets, and that is that those users who used the web version reported fewer limitations. When faced with such a problem, try using another version.

What if it’s my problem?

In case the problem is yours, the situation changes. We will have to solve itbut first check if your Internet works correctly. What appear to be errors may be connection failures. To find out, it will be useful for you measure the speed of Internet connection on your mobile.

It is true that there are many types of failures, but most can be fixed by doing one of these things. We’ve sorted them from least to most complex, so it’s best to try them in order.

  • Restart Twitter.
  • Reboot the mobile.
  • Delete the cache.
  • Reinstall Twitter.
  • Install an APK version of Twitter.

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