Home Tech 4 WhatsApp news of these last weeks that you cannot ignore

4 WhatsApp news of these last weeks that you cannot ignore

4 WhatsApp news of these last weeks that you cannot ignore


We review, one by one, all the news that has come to WhatsApp in recent days.

4 WhatsApp news of these last weeks that you cannot ignore
WhatsApp is still the most used messaging app on the planet

like every week WhatsApp has once again been the subject of a barrage of news by the many news in which the company is already working after the most used messaging app in the world. Last week, moreover, was especially key for the app since some of the most anticipated changes by most of the users.

There are so many changes that have arrived (and are yet to come) to the application, that sometimes it is difficult to keep up with all of them. Therefore, we are going to review all the news that have arrived to WhatsApp over the last few days.

New privacy features, improved design and more news that have come to WhatsApp

Some of the news that we are going to review They are already available on WhatsApp. Others, on the other hand, are still in development and will take time to reach users. There are also some that require enrolled in the beta program of WhatsApp for Android. That said, let’s see all the changes:

  1. Two new privacy features: It was one of the company’s big announcements for the past week. Now, WhatsApp allows you to silence calls from unknown phone numbers, and also offers a privacy check menu where you can take a look at all the account options related to this aspect.
  2. Design improvements: Another important change that arrived in the last few days is aimed at improving the design and navigation within the app. From now on, support for side gestures that allow you to switch between the different sections of the application will be included. Similarly, the app also appears to be introducing some of its own components of Google’s Material You language.
  3. Advanced proxy settings: a new function discovered in the beta version of WhatsApp allows you to configure the use of a proxy, a useful function, especially for those users who reside in countries where the use of WhatsApp or similar tools is not allowed.
  4. Duration of pinned messages: Recently, we learned that WhatsApp intends to improve the pinned messages function through an option that will allow you to choose the duration in which the messages remain pinned at the top of the chats. It will be possible to choose between 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days.

These are just some of the important news that have arrived or are on the way to WhatsApp. However, we know that the company is working on many other important changes, from the expansion of the Channels “a la Telegram” up to a renewed design of the application in its version for iOS.


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