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47Gaming VALORANT Announces Official Closing of Team | 4Gamers Thailand


Monday, January 9, 2023, 2:58:00 p.m. Indochina time

official announcement For a well-known agency 47 playing games who has come out to end his role in making the team value after 47 playing games Join us on the journey of value It’s been a while 2 full year, but in the end, despite how great the party was organized Finally, there will be a resignation. And now it’s the right time to say goodbye.

If looking back at the work in the previous period of 47 playing games It can be seen that they are another agency that gathers many skilled players. both in the past And now whether

  • garnet – position player duel The positive line, which is now going well in a big agency like claw e-sports
  • Teerawat – national team players from overwatch temporary job pick up And now it’s back to the box. Overwatch 2 tidy
  • Dellend – past IGL of myth good workmanship
  • Mai- one of the position players supervisor who was drawn to a large agency like CRIT SPORTS
  • PKHI- past duel Good workmanship, despite having the ability to listen on only one side. But the sharpness is second to none. But recently, it seems that he will move the community to tell. Overwatch 2 broken

In addition, there are many skilled players who come to create works for the agency. 47 playing games frequently Which is to say that they are one of the agencies that like to pick up new faces. in order to mold it into a shining star would not be wrong

But in fact, the 47 playing games will decide to quit making a team value Going on, it might not be that strange. because if going back to the competition during the month December in the list AfreecaTV More S1R1 value even though they had traveled as far as the round 4 The last team, but the team members who participated in the list, although most of them were famous players. but returned to play as a stand-in only

  • Siraphop
  • It has been verified.
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have to wait and see in the future 47 playing games will come back to make a team value in the near future Or will go ahead and go ahead with the team game Go for a long time, you have to wait and follow. and continue to cheer them on

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