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5 MIUI 13 tricks that not many people know about


Get the most out of your Xiaomi mobile with these MIUI 13 tricks that few people know about.

5 MIUI 13 tricks that not many people know about
MIUI 13 has some secrets that allow you to get the most out of this customization layer.

Take advantage of all the features they say “gift” in MIUI 13 it is practically an obligation, because in this way it is possible to get the most out of this customization layer for Android terminals. although there is MIUI tricks that most Xiaomi phone users have known for quite some time now, there are various secrets that MIUI 13 hides inside which are totally unknown to most people.

So that you do not waste your time searching the internet for those tricks to which we refer, Here we are going to show you all. It should be noted that there are some that we have not included in the list, since we have given importance to those that not many people know (you can feel privileged in this regard).

These are the 5 “secret” tricks of MIUI 13 that you cannot miss

Before we show you the Tricks that will allow you to get the most out of your Xiaomi mobileIt is necessary to clarify that some of them are not present in previous versions. It is for this reason that from here we advise you update your terminal to the latest version of MIUI to be able to enjoy these incredible tricks.

Add 100% personalized watermarks to your photos

Add custom watermark MIUI 13

Watermarks can be removed using the same function that MIUI 13 offers inside.

In MIUI 13 you will not need to download third-party apps to add watermarks to your images. Following these steps, you will have the possibility of create 100% custom watermarks:

  • Enter the image gallery of your mobile. Click on the photo you want to put a watermark on.
  • Tap on the settings section (the three small dots that appear at the top right of the screen).
  • Go to the tab that says “Further”.
  • A popup menu will be displayed. select function “Protective Watermark”.
  • Finally, create your watermark so that it is automatically added to the image you have chosen.

Test the components of your terminal

Test the components of your terminal

If you think that your mobile is failing, this test will allow you to detect which component is not working as it should.

named as “CIT”MIUI 13 (as well as the other versions) has a secret menu that allows you to test the components of your mobile to find out if everything is in order, or if there is a sensor, piece of hardware or software that is failing.

You can access this menu by following the steps shown below:

  • Enter the “Settings” of your mobile.
  • Click on the option that says “Over the phone”.
  • Scroll through the screen until you find the section called “All Specs” (click on it).
  • Press and hold the option for 5 seconds “kernel version”.
  • If you carried out the steps correctly, you will be able to access the menu “CIT”.

Perform a speed test of your Internet connection without downloading anything

Integrated Internet speed test MIUI 13

Knowing the speed of your Internet connection will allow you to discover if there is some type of failure in the home network.

The browser included in MIUI 13, Mi from Xiaomi, hides among its different functions a small speed test with which you can measure the performance of the network to which you are connected.

This test is located inside the user profile. In order to access it, you must enter your user profile and click on the option that says “Check Network”. In just under 1 minute, MIUI 13 will give you the result it has obtained when testing your Internet connection.

Clear the cache of apps automatically

Clear the cache of apps automatically MIUI 13

It is essential to clear the cache of the apps you have installed so that the mobile has better performance.

Tired of the apps you use every day taking up more space than they really should? Well, you should take a look at the function that allows you to delete the cache of applications on a regular basis. This tool can be activated as follows:

  • Enter the “Settings” from your terminal.
  • pincha is “Battery”.
  • Tap on the little nut that appears at the top right of the screen.
  • Give the option that says “Clear cache when device is locked”.
  • A menu will be displayed with several options, select the time period you prefer.
  • If you performed the steps correctly, when your mobile is locked, the cache removal of all apps will be executed.

Change your antivirus in seconds

Change antivirus MIUI 13

By changing the antivirus database, you will be able to run much deeper scans.

Having been implemented for the first time in MIUI 12There are still users who are completely unaware that they can change the antivirus that their terminal has in a simple and easy way.

From the section of “Settings”you can select the database that the system will use pera Scan your phone for viruses. If you want to change your antivirus, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Access the section of “Settings”.
  • Scroll down the screen until you find the option that says “Security”. Once found, she clicks on it.
  • Click on the button called “Security analysis”.
  • Then click on “Definitions”.
  • A menu will be displayed with two options: “AVL” and “Avast”.
  • Finally, select the antivirus you want your terminal to have.

Without anything else to add about it, if you know another MIUI 13 secret trick, you can tell us in the comments box, We love getting any kind of input!

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