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5 WhatsApp functions that we would like to see this 2023


This is our letter of wishes for WhatsApp, a messaging platform that we would like even more if it implemented these functions.

5 WhatsApp functions that we would like to see this 2023
There are some functions that we would like WhatsApp to implement in 2023.

WhatsApp is an instant messaging platform that has a relentless release rate of features. Every week we know the arrival of new tools to the service, such as a new button to make blocking people much easier. Despite the constant arrival of new features, there are still some changes that we would like to see. At Andro4all we have our own letter of wishes with 5 functions that we would like to see in WhatsApp this 2023.

The messaging platform has improved in recent years, it cannot be denied. It has increased its concern for the security and privacy of users with tools such as messages and photos disappearing automaticallybesides adding other improvements that offer a more advanced experience. But we all have our requests and suggestions, and these are ours for the new year.

Private chats that only open with a PIN

WhatsApp allows us to hide chats sending them to the archive folder, but really anyone with access to our mobile can see them if they enter that section. Therefore, by 2023 we ask WhatsApp to add private conversations which can only be access using a secret PIN. This function is available in the Viber app and, honestly, we think it’s a success.

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On some occasions, we want to chat calmly on WhatsApp, being sure that no one else will be able to see the content of the chat. However, as we say, anyone who takes our unlocked phone or our computer with whatsapp web can read all messages.

With these private chats that we want to see on WhatsApp we could set a conversation as hidden and send it like this to a WhatsApp folder that could only be unlocked with a PIN or password that we would choose ourselves. If the platform wants to improve the privacy of its users, this would come in handy.

Deletion of messages without trace

If you follow WhatsApp news, you will know that in 2022 the service implemented a very, very interesting change. And it is that WhatsApp no ​​longer notifies other people when you leave a group. Attention, this does not mean that the participants will never find out about your departure, they can see it if they enter the information of the members of the group chat. However, this change does make it easier for your abandonment is more discreet than previously.

Well, from here we ask those responsible for WhatsApp to do the same with deleting messagesthat is don’t notify it in the conversation. It is true that it is very useful to be able delete messages on whatsappbut the experience is marred when the notice appears that we have deleted the message. Yes, the recipient can’t see the content, but he knows that we sent him something that he shouldn’t see.

Search for messages by date

5 WhatsApp functions that we would like to see this 2023

This is how the search for messages by date will work in WhatsApp chats.

exist different methods to search messages in WhatsAppbut the one that allows us to do it for a specific date is not yet available. Sometimes, we don’t know the content of the message we want to find, but we do know what day we sent it. WhatsApp has been testing the message search function by date for yearsbut it has not yet been decided to launch it for all its users.

That is why in 2023 we ask that, once and for all, WhatsApp integrate the search for content by date. In this way, we can access a calendar in which we select a specific day to show us all messages sent on that date. It’s a method easier and fasterbecause it prevents us from having to navigate through the entire conversation until we reach the exact day we want to search for.

Editing sent messages

Like Twitter, we ask WhatsApp to allows us to edit messages already sent. Surely on some occasion you have made a mistake when writing a message, forcing yourself to delete it to write it again or to specify the error in a new message. For this reason, one of our wishes for 2023 is that the messaging platform adds the ability to easily edit messages.

It would not be innovative in terms of messaging appssince it is a function is already available in other services such as Telegram. Fortunately, it seems that WhatsApp is already developing this editing tool and we can enjoy it all users throughout the new year.

more advanced video calls

WhatsApp video calls They work well, they even support up to 32 participants simultaneously. That does not prevent keep it pretty simple in terms of functionsthe most we can do is create and share call links or join the conversation at any time, not right when it starts.

If WhatsApp wants to compete head-to-head with video calling apps like Zoomyou have to put your batteries this 2023. From here we propose that you allow us share our mobile screen for the rest of the participants to see the content, schedule video calls on a specific date and time and even the option to record video calls.

These 5 ideas are only proposals that have occurred to us and that we would like to see on WhatsApp, but the reality is different and maybe the platform will never add anything similar. For now, we have to make do with make the most of the features that are available and those that will arrive safely in the coming months, such as the lock button that we mentioned at the beginning.

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