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7 Games similar to Animal Crossing on your mobile


We bring you the best games similar to Animal Crossing, an incredible management game that took the pandemic by storm.

7 Games similar to Animal Crossing on your mobile
Animal Crossing is one of the best resource management games

Animal Crossing has become a true phenomenon that has caused a furor. The launch of Horizon Worlds on a date as complicated as the confinement by COVID-19was a balm for many people who needed be entertained and they were having a really bad time for not being able to go out on the street. Games have come out recently that try to mix Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley with the aim of reaching a large number of mobile users. Although Stardew Valley on Android is available completely natively and Animal Crossing for mobile has several original titles, there are clones that do the job in an excellent way and that allow us to enjoy this kind of farm management in a very funny way. Let’s review which are the best.

The 7 games similar to Animal Crossing for mobiles

Animal Crossing marked a before and after as we have seen. For this reason, there are more and more titles that are committed to bringing something different but at the same time that reminds us of the magnificent work of Nintendo.

  • Animal Crossing Pocket Camp
  • stardew valley
  • Forager
  • happy street
  • cat forest
  • My time in Portia
  • terrariums

That said, we are going to see both the originals on mobile phones and their most advanced students in this top in which we will try to discover you new gems to enjoy.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Some consider Animal Crossing Pocket Camp to be even better than New Horizons. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true that the game works really well and has the same mechanics as all Animal Crossing but with a very interesting and original style. In short, it is a real past that is worth trying.

In addition, the game is having events from time to time, so the the game varies while so are the seasons and our needs as players.

Download “Animal Crossing Pocket Camp” on the Google Play Store

Download “Animal Crossing Pocket Camp” on the App Store

stardew valley

We inherited a small farm that is falling into a really idyllic little town with lovely characters. From here, we will simply have to relax and grow at the same time as our crops. Fight in the mine to get precious metals, plant crops that give us great benefits and socialize in town participating in the festivals and dances while we meet the possible love of our life. Thus, slowly we are fully immersed in a world as calm as it is beautiful. One of the best games ever made without a doubt. A classic that is still very much alive.

Download “Stardew Valley” on the Google Play Store

Download “Stardew Valley” on the App Store


This game is causing a sensation. In fact, if you like watching videos on Twitch, you probably already you’ve seen a few of the biggest content creators with the game. Forager is just that, a game in which we will have to fleece the islands of all its products to gradually become an invincible character. At the same time we will have to fight against enemies that appear, but the most important thing will always be enhance our productivity in a remarkable way. Also, the game has beautiful and really interesting graphics.

A game worth keeping an eye on to understand why is it so successful between the streamers. In the end, it is a title that has some

Download “Forager” on the Google Play Store

Download “Forager” on the App Store

happy street

this title free won the App Store Best Game Award in 2012. It is a game in which we will build a town and where the only limitation is our imagination. For this reason, it has a casual and visually precious style in which we can visit the different biomes around the townlike the forest Thus, we will be able to fish, sculpt, cook and make things, letting our imagination be the most important part of our experience with the game.

It is worth spending a few hours since has unlimited customization possibilities.

You will like it if:

  • You are looking for a solid game, which has years behind it.
  • You expect something very similar to Animal Crossing.
  • You like extreme customization.
  • You want a title with colourful, beautiful and casual graphics.

Download “Happy Street” on the Google Play Store

Download ” ” on the App Store

cat forest

Cat Forest is practically a clone of Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. We received a note from our mother asking us to go live abroad. Thus, we arrive at an island or forest in which We’ll start living in a tent to finally establish a nice house. Later we will have to interact with the neighbors to create a beautiful city in which it is worth living.

Download “Cat Forest” on the Google Play Store

Download “Cat Forest” on the App Store

My time in Portia

My Time at Portia is a very interesting title that takes us a portionan idyllic place for a game that is already enshrined as one of the best of the genre. It is a social open world in which we inherited our father’s workshop and we will have to manufacture and build to win. At the same time, we will also have to socialize with the characters of the city or travel to dangerous ruins where there are very interesting relics.

Although the game is very colorful, it is set on a stage post-apocalyptic into which humanity sank hundreds of years ago.

You will like it if:

  • Do you like JRPGs?
  • You are looking for a mix between an RPG and a city management game.
  • You like the classic Japanese aesthetic in games of this type.

Download “My Time in Portia” on the Google Play Store

Download “My Time in Portia” on the App Store


Terraria is possibly one of the best games ever made. It arose thanks to the real success that Minecraft was, but he soon knew how to stand out both in its aesthetics and in its approaches.

Now we have a solid game, very interesting, with incredible characters, bosses and role-playing elements that remind us of the golden age of this genre. It is very worthwhile although its price may be somewhat high for many users. In any case, it is a genre that is always worth rediscovering.

Download “Terraria” on the Google Play Store

Download “Terraria” on the App Store

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