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7 Google Chrome extensions that surpass ChatGPT and will solve your life


These extensions that we are going to show you seem futuristic and they will allow us to save a lot of work.

7 Google Chrome extensions that surpass ChatGPT and will solve your life
AIs seem to simplify tasks that previously took us a long time

ChatGPT It is no longer the future, now it is the present and step by step it is becoming the past. AI is advancing so fast that new features they get outdated in days According to other developers, they bring out more interesting or new functions. Thus, in a framework in which there is a mixture of fear and admiration in a framework in which everything seems that some professions will disappear because of ChatGPT We are going to bring you the **best extensions to simplify our most tedious day-to-day tasks.

The seven extensions that far surpass ChatGPT

These seven extensions are going to make our lives much easier, in any case they are the following:

  • Merlin GPT
  • ScienceSpace
  • wise one
  • wordtune
  • AI perplexity
  • dialog box
  • Scribe
  • promptgenius

Some use GPT, others open source code and others use other types of proprietary code. In any case, it is amazing what these types of extensions can provide us.

Merlin GPT

We lie to you, yes we are going to include a single extension that has GPTbut this time you will greatly appreciate it.

What this extension basically does is add ChatGPT to any other text box. It is incredibly useful as it will allow us to create and edit emails or add GPT text to our creations in general. We just have to touch Ctrl+M to enable the appearance of GPT that will give us access to all its options within that text box.

Merlin GPT


This is how SciSpace works

This is the best app to summarize scientific papers

This app will do wonders for all scholars as it will explain complex papers. It is perfect for when we have to read something that is not in our field of knowledge but that we need to include in our research. Thus, the things that escape our knowledge will be within reach of a click. We simply have to ask him to “explain” something to us and he will do so. In addition, it will also make us summaries of the text.


wise one

A photograph of Wiseone

Wiseone is very similar to the previous extension

This app works a lot like SciSpace. Basically, it also makes us a summary of the scientific articles and allows us to expand our knowledge doing related searches to find other articles that can help us in our investigation. Thus, it will help us to improve our knowledge on a specific subject being incredibly useful.

wise one


this is useful in English. It is very interesting since it can improve our tone in messages to fit the topic we are dealing with. This way we will be able to have an optimal language for what we are using and it will suggest improvements so that our grammar is good and the message is fully understandable. Something very useful if you also do not speak the language.


AI perplexity

The explanation of how Perplexity AI works

Ask her what you want and she will answer you

This AI is very easy to use and understand. Simply you ask him questionswhatever they are, and she answers them by giving you information and sources. Something very interesting since she will allow us to combine it with some complicated reading or something like that and she will be able to give us a hand quickly.

AI perplexity


This artificial intelligence generates us step by step guides. You only have to “click” on “Record” and from there the AI ​​will take care of everything. It is super fast with really fast processing times which makes it something really interesting if we are used to making step-by-step guides in our work or in our hobbies.



This extension is going to make our lives very easy since it is going to recommend prompts to get them into our favorite AIs. Thus, we will not have any problem at the time of finding the perfect prompts to introduce the AI ​​and give us the results we are looking for. Sometimes we don’t get the answer we want not because AI doesn’t work, but because we don’t know how to ask

quick temper

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