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9 Months v1.35.1 MOD APK Download


Find out more with exploration! 9 Months allows observing a baby’s development cycle from in the womb to birth. This is special footage, relieving the journey that you once went through with special emotions. Now enjoy this sacred space, choose a gender and keep it healthy and happy. Promote education and create more objective lessons for the subject of the human body.

9 months


We have nine months in the womb, and it is also the time when there are the most exciting changes in the body. Get nutrients and grow, and watch them in slow motion! Developed with precise research into how each baby emerges, develops, and is born, 9 Months offers tickets for a trip back to the days of childhood, plus look back at the process of growing up.,

They are re-creating based on the most practical and straightforward things, attracting users by activating curiosity as well as imagination to include useful lessons. Daily monitoring to make sure your baby stays healthy and happy in that safe environment. Learn more about the mother’s diet for the best development of the baby—experience man’s most magical journey of change.

9 months


Lead users into a more special world of 9 Months to discover more lessons about the body how a child will survive and develop in a mother’s womb. The relevant knowledge provided can be highly practical for players who want to delve into pregnancy. Ensuring strict requirements such as being completely accurate and verified, we will launch more special activities in the future.

9 months


Experience the journey for the gender you want; 9 Months lets you choose between a boy and a girl. After birth, you will be able to raise your baby according to what has been learned. Maintain a good level of activity and make sure to check their health regularly. Open the mailbox and give your baby a suitable name, unlock accessories and raise the cutest baby. Join the journey to become a true parent, experience rewarding activities, and gain access to accurate educational knowledge.

Are you ready for your journey to becoming a model carer? What preparations have you made for it? Let us lead you along with this exciting storyline. Complete quests and receive rewards to expand your ability to nurture them. Being a father and mother is hard work, isn’t it? Please don’t get discouraged; keep it going!

9 months9 months


Pregnancy always has its own beautiful mysteries, feels the difficulties while the child survives, and does well the parent’s duties. Complete the series of experiences to have a more specific and comprehensive view of the biology of the human body. Learn, have fun and enjoy; at the end of each journey, don’t forget to leave a review to help us improve the update! 9 Months is always ready to welcome players who want to learn about the process of a child appearing, forming, and growing up.

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