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a designer has created headphones with screens that will not leave you indifferent


These headphones with a screen promise to be a revolution in the market with a design that leaves no one indifferent.

Either you love them or you hate them: a designer has created headphones with screens that will not leave you indifferent
The design of these headphones with a screen does not go unnoticed by anyone // Image: Olga Orel.

There is always room for innovation in the world of technology. This is how they show us futureheadband headphones designed by Olga Orel that will not leave anyone indifferent. And it is that these headphones integrate a screen at each end that give it a futuristic touch and that makes them unlike anything we have seen so far.

That futuristic air combines very well with the retro style headbandgiving rise to one of the very original headphones that you either love or hate. It is true that the user himself will not be able to see what the screens show, but the rest will be able to know what are you listening tohe mood in which it is located or simply see beautiful graphics that will serve as decoration.

Futurehead, the headphones with a screen of the future

Olga Orel is the designer behind this innovative headphone concept. The name she has given them is Futurehead and, for now, they are just an idea that It doesn’t look like it’s going to go into production.. The truth is that It would be curious to try these FutureheadWell, they are among the most striking headphones we have ever seen.

The differential section of these headphones are the screens that they equip at each of their ends. Are square shaped panels which occupy most of the external face of each earphone and which, according to the images we have seen, can display a wide variety of information. For example, on these screens it might appear The name of the song that the user is listening to, as well as the artist who sings it, the genre to which it belongs and the cover photo.

Futurehead headphones with screen on

Photos of the artist you are listening to may appear on Futurehead screens.

The possibilities of these screens go much further, as they could also allow the user to transmit their state of mind through abstract images and videos. What’s more, they could appear animations that move to the beat of the song and even the battery level of the headphones when you’re charging it. Of course, the user would also have the option to turn off the screens. All It would be controlled through an app installed on mobile.

The futuristic style of these screens combines very well with the retro touch that the rest of the design has of the Futureheads. As the designer herself explains on Behancethat was the original goal of creation. It is on that same website where we know that the interior part has some leather ear pads with magnets so that its replacement is easier. Furthermore, we also see that the casing that surrounds the screen is transparent and lets us see some of the interior elements of the headphones.

Song lyrics on Futurehead headphones

The Futurehead’s screen can also display the lyrics of the song.

Futureheads are just a concept, so we do not know other details such as the size of its dynamic drivers, whether or not they would have noise cancellation or their autonomy. Although we do not fully know what they would be like, what we do know is that their arrival would revolutionize the market and that there would be many users who would want to try them for the innovativeness of its design, including us.

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