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a mobile browser that doesn’t need the internet and is uncensored


CENO Browser: A mobile browser that doesn’t need the internet and is uncensored

Internet censorship is a problem for many users. CENO Browser is a solution for bypassing censorship and sharing content offline. In our article, we tell you what it is and how it works.

The Internet is an amazing resource that provides users with access to a vast amount of information, knowledge, entertainment and opportunities. However, not all users can freely use the Internet, as in some countries or regions there are various forms of Internet censorship that restrict or block access to certain sites, content or services. In addition, in some cases, the Internet may be disconnected or slowed down due to technical problems, political decisions, or economic sanctions. In such situations, users may be isolated from the Internet community and prevented from receiving and disseminating information.

So how can you bypass Internet censorship and keep in touch with the Internet even in the absence or disruption of the connection? One possible answer to this question is CENO Browser. CENO Browser is a mobile browser for bypassing Internet censorship and peer-to-peer content sharing. CENO Browser allows users to access and share web content even when the connection is down or broken, and fight for freedom of information and access to the web.

In this article, we will tell you about the CENO Browser: what it is, how it works, what are the examples of use, what is its role in the modern Internet, and what are the reviews of users and experts. We hope that this article will help you better understand and appreciate the CENO Browser, as well as encourage you to try it yourself.

What is CENO Browser

CENO Browser is a mobile browser based on Mozilla Android Components and the Ouinet library that uses a peer-to-peer protocol to bypass Internet censorship and share content among all users on the network. CENO Browser was developed by eQualitie, a company that specializes in creating technologies for the protection of human rights and democracy on the Internet. The purpose of CENO Browser is to enable users to access any web content without restrictions and to support the free exchange of information.

Among the main features and advantages of CENO Browser are the following:

  • Work without internet: CENO Browser can load content from a local cache or from other devices on the network, even when the internet is down or censored.
  • Decentralization: CENO Browser does not depend on central servers or intermediaries, but uses a distributed network of nodes to store and transmit content.
  • Security and Privacy: CENO Browser encrypts all data that is transmitted on the network and leaves no trace of what content the user views or shares.
  • Social responsibility: CENO Browser allows users to help each other access blocked content by becoming bridges or relays on the network.

How CENO Browser works

When a user enters a URL into the address bar of the CENO Browser, the browser tries to find the content at that address in the local cache or on the network. If the content is not found, the browser sends a request to a special node called an injector that tries to get the content from the internet and send it back to the CENO network. Content that is received from the Internet or from the CENO network is stored in a local cache and can be accessed by other users on the network.

CENO Browser uses several technologies to implement its working principle, such as:

  • P2P: peer-to-peer or peer-to-peer technology allows devices to connect to each other directly, without the need for central servers or intermediaries.
  • mesh networking: mesh or networking technology allows devices to form dynamic networks in which each device can be a source or recipient of data, as well as a relay for other devices.
  • Ouinet: Ouinet or Oui Network is a library that implements a peer-to-peer protocol for bypassing Internet censorship and sharing content on the network. Ouinet uses the concept of injectors and bridges to receive and distribute content across the network.

CENO Browser ensures the security and privacy of users through the following measures:

  • Encryption: CENO Browser encrypts all data transmitted over the network using the AES-256 and Curve25519 algorithms. This prevents interception, modification or analysis of data by third parties.
  • Anonymity: CENO Browser does not store any personal user data such as IP addresses, browsing history or cookies. In addition, the browser does not send any data to central servers or intermediaries, but only uses a peer-to-peer network to exchange content.
  • Self Destruction: CENO Browser allows the user to delete all data from the local cache or from the network at will or after a certain time.

Examples of using CENO Browser

CENO Browser can be used for various purposes in everyday life such as:

  • View news or social media in countries where these resources are blocked or restricted by the government or providers. For example, a user can access websites such as the BBC, Twitter or Facebook using the CENO Browser even if they are prohibited in their country.
  • Sharing information or materials with friends or colleagues in situations of little or no communication, such as during travel, disasters, or protests. For example, a user can share photos, videos, or documents with other CENO Browser users using only their own device and nearby devices on the network.
  • Teaching or researching various topics that may be banned or censored in certain regions or organizations. For example, a user may study history, politics, religion, science, or art using the CENO Browser, even if those topics are considered undesirable or dangerous in his environment.

CENO Browser can be especially useful in the following situations:

  • When the internet is down or slow due to technical issues, political decisions, or economic sanctions. For example, a user may continue to surf the Internet using the CENO Browser even if their ISP limits the speed or amount of traffic, or if their government shuts down the Internet altogether.
  • When a user wants to protect their identity, freedom of speech or right to information from outside interference or surveillance. For example, a user can hide their IP address, browsing history and cookies from the ISP, the government or hackers using the CENO Browser, and encrypt all the data they transmit on the network.
  • When a user wants to support other users on the network by giving them access to content or by acting as a bridge or relay. For example, a user can help other users access blocked sites by becoming a bridge between the CENO network and the Internet, or increase the speed and reliability of data transmission by becoming a relay for other devices on the network.

How to install and start using CENO Browser

To install and start using CENO Browser, follow these steps:

  • Download the browser from the official site or from other sources such as Google Play, F-Droid or Paskoocheh Marketplace.
  • Check the authenticity and security of the downloaded file using special tools such as apksigner or a PGP key.
  • Allow installation of apps from unknown sources in your device settings.
  • Install the browser on your device by following the instructions on the screen.
  • Launch a browser and give permission to access the location, storage and network.
  • Customize the browser to your liking by selecting the language, operating mode (regular or bridge), cache lifetime and other parameters.
  • Enter the URL of the content of interest in the address bar or select one of the suggested sites on the main page of the browser.

CENO Browser and Modern Internet

CENO Browser is one of the innovative projects that aims to create an alternative and democratic Internet, in which every user can freely receive and distribute information without fear of censorship or blocking. CENO Browser supports the ideals of openness, equality and solidarity in the Internet community, and promotes education, culture and civil society.

CENO Browser received positive feedback from users and experts, who appreciated its unique features, ease of use and social significance. Some of the reviews can be found on the following websites:


The article talked about CENO Browser – a mobile browser for peer-to-peer content exchange without the Internet. Its definition, history, features, principle of operation, examples of use, role in the modern Internet and feedback from users and experts were described. We hope that this article has helped you better understand and appreciate the CENO Browser, as well as motivated you to try it yourself.

CENO Browser is not only a technological product, but also a social project that encourages users to actively participate in shaping the Internet of the future. Therefore, we recommend that you install and try CENO Browser and share it with your friends, colleagues and acquaintances. So you can not only access any content, but also help other people do the same.

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