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Acrylic nails! v1.4.1.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download


Acrylic nails! Hold your screen vertically and start taking you to the most famous nail salon. Together run the operation of a store, receive the most demanding customers and face the most complex cases to handle. The system will record your efforts day by day, and do not forget to reward you with a certain number of coins. Create unique and special new nail designs, and now you can press start to open your shop.

Acrylic nails!Acrylic nails!


Acrylic nails! When you join the nail technician team, look around; a cleaner space than anything else surrounds you. It also leaves an impression with friendly and straightforward things like the arrangement of objects. Find a notebook with a collection of styles and give your clients the best advice.

The main screen will include settings and other spaces for a manicure. Fill them up as quickly as possible with accuracy and professionalism! Additionally, a horizontal metric measures your success or the amount of work that can be done.


The first step is to clean the client’s nails, then Acrylic Nails! will give a standard measure for each, and you will, based on the customer’s request, make their nails long to the desired length. Sprinkle some nail polish on it and start sticking the long nails. With just a few minutes of waiting, you’ve completed the first step of the process. Next, the system provides a set of professional nail file tools, bringing the player to a more visible space and letting you start sharpening the nail to perfection.

Acrylic nails!Acrylic nails!

Give your nails a base color by opening up the color set and painting over the entire surface. Put the nail that has just been painted into the machine, then wait for it to dry. When the color layer is solid, players can look for different models of accessories to add, making the product not monotonous. Choose eye-catching colors as well as more harmonious combinations.

For the other nails, repeat the original steps but give them a different color and decor. Use a soft transparent plastic to mix the color and dip the nail in it to create a different color. When every process is over, you have perfected a hand with the unique nail decoration styles; the customer will be delighted with the progress of this work.


The story of building a nail salon will remain a global sensation as players continue to come up with creative ideas. Acrylic nails! extremely suitable for you to explore and learn more about this exciting job. Click continue to be able to welcome the next guests or in your spare time to review the results in your personal collection. Let’s build a nail art base together!

Acrylic nails!Acrylic nails!


Acrylic nails! is the most exciting story about the work of making beautiful nails. However, players will sometimes fail but do not be disappointed, be determined to change things on other occasions. Branding yourself as well as working hard to create your own collection, we look forward to your breakthrough. Experience the professional space, but don’t forget to leave a review below.

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