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Addons Detector v3.67 APK + MOD (Donate Unlocked) Download


You hate being harassed by advertising sites or spam appearing. Then Add-ons Detector will help you handle them fastest and bring a clean page to your device. The application is increasingly upgraded and promises to give us outstanding features to solve that information problem. New features are increasingly promoting their true functions and meeting modern needs.

Addons DetectorAddons Detector


As long as you tell the application which installation add-on you want to detect, it will immediately help you do that. With a concise period of time, but with that unique detection ability, the application will make it appear as quickly as possible. Once detected, the application will present a series of add-ons included in that setting.


Once discovered, you can choose to keep it or remove it depending on your needs. If removed, Add-ons Detector offers a lot of ways for you to choose from, either the normal way or faster processing. Once removed, of course, the add-on has no chance to return to your app again.

Addons DetectorAddons Detector


The app immediately has a unique blocking feature. This feature, when used, will promote all of its abilities, especially blocking. Preventing add-ons from coming back will help make your device more visible and prevent such hidden information from appearing. There are a lot of device security passcodes available now to keep the add-on from getting a chance to break into your device.


This scanner is a new feature that the application has fully exploited. many people are worried that the add-on will return to your device or that it is a hidden add-on that is difficult to detect; now, the scanner will show its capabilities. The scanner will help filter out hidden add-ons and help push us outside immediately. The scanner is being completed and promises to help us a lot.

Addons DetectorAddons Detector


  • Help users easily detect unnecessary add-ons and help handle them fastest.
  • Use unique selection methods to make your device more perfect.
  • Generalize the operation of those add-ons and give us the most basic information.
  • Fast and efficient processing of add-ons through a particular processor used in this application.
  • Live scanner is also included in the app, this time to find hidden add-ons.

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