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All the devices that we have analyzed in Andro4all in December


We review all the analyzes that we have published on Andro4all over the last month.

All the devices that we have analyzed in Andro4all in December
The Motorola Edge 30 Ultra is one of the latest smartphones that we have reviewed at Andro4all

The last month of the past year 2022 was not particularly busy in terms of new product launches. However, he gave us the opportunity to test some of the most exciting devices released in recent weeks, including smartphones, tablets and other types of contraption.

As we have been doing recently, we are going to review each and every analysis published in Andro4all throughout the past month. In this case, it is also the last compilation of the year 2022.

The 21 most read Andro4all analyzes of 2022

Andro4all’s 6 analyzes in December 2022

  • Dream H12 Pro: nothing less than 89 points He took this excellent handheld vacuum cleaner with a vacuum, mop and self-cleaning function. It is the most advanced Dreame model to date, and this was demonstrated in his review.
Dreame H12 Pro Review: The Ultimate Handheld Vacuum Suctions, Mops, and Cleans Itself
  • Motorola Edge 30 Ultra: the most upper part of Motorola to date obtained 88 pointsthe highest score in the mobile category in all reviews published in December. And it is that its combination of elegant design, extreme power and clean software make it one of the best high-end smartphones of the last generation.
Motorola Edge 30 Ultra, analysis: extreme power, elegance and many more reasons to conquer you
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Foldable 4: We finally got a chance to put Samsung’s latest large-format foldable to the test. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 stayed with 85 points thanks to a pair of fantastic quality screens, a very good camera system and great performance.
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, analysis: a foldable and bittersweet beast
  • Huawei Mate 50 Pro: Huawei has once again built a great premium-range smartphone, whose experience is hindered by the absence of Google services. However, the fact of not incorporating the apps of the search engine company has not prevented it from obtaining 85 points at our revisionclearly driven by its great photographic system, the most advanced seen on a mobile to date.
Huawei Mate 50 Pro, analysis: the umpteenth attempt to succeed in the high-end without the support of Google
  • Amazon Echo Dot 5 with clock: others 85 points for which it is called to be one of the best sellers in the Amazon catalog in 2023. The fifth-generation Echo Dot with clock convinces with its great sound quality, the utility provided by the LED indicator and a price on offer that is difficult to match.
Amazon Echo Dot 5 with clock, review: improved sound, LED screen and a price that is difficult to beat
  • OPPO Air Pad: OPPO’s first attempt in the field of tablets with Android stays with 70 pointsmainly due to somewhat fair performance and a higher price than we would like. However, it has a good autonomy and its construction quality is at the level of what is expected in a tablet of its category.
OPPO Pad air, analysis: no beginning was easy

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