Home Tech All the devices that we have analyzed in Andro4all in July

All the devices that we have analyzed in Andro4all in July

All the devices that we have analyzed in Andro4all in July


We review each and every one of the smartphones that have passed through our test table in recent weeks.

All the devices that we have analyzed in Andro4all in July
The Xiaomi 13 Ultra is one of the smartphones that we were able to test during the month of June

June came and went, leaving us with a barrage of new products launched by some of the most popular firms in the panorama of the technology. Now, it’s time to look back and review all the products, including smartphones, wearables, monitors, televisions, headphones and more, that we have analyzed in recent weeks, with their respective notes and opinions granted by the Andro4all writing team.

In total, there are fourteen different devices that we have been able to evaluate throughout the month of May. Let’s go over them all analyzes next.

The 14 devices analyzed in Andro4all in June 2023

  • xiaomi 13 ultra: it is the best Xiaomi smartphone ever, and as such, it is not surprising that the Xiaomi 13 Ultra has taken 95 points in our review. It has a highly advanced camera system developed together with LEICA, as well as a repertoire of specifications that propel it to the top of the segment. ultra premium. Undoubtedly, one of the most recommended smartphones this year… but also one of the most expensive.
  • Samsung QN90C QLED: Samsung hit the nail on the head with its new 50-inch TV based on QLED technology, which took 93 points in our review for combining excellent picture quality with a good speaker system, premium build, and major improvements over the previous year’s model.
  • LG OLED evo C3 42: Another television that passed through our test table this past June was the LG OLED evo C3 in its 43-inch diagonal variant. Without a doubt, it is one of the smart televisions with the best image quality, in addition to all the benefits that OLED technology provides. If it weren’t for the fact that its sound system is not at the level of the best, it would be difficult to put a single fault with this television, which took 95 points in our analysis.
  • LG Ultra Gear OLED 45″: LG’s double this month, which left us captivated by the impressive image quality of its ultra-wide 45-inch monitor with OLED technology, undoubtedly one of the best for gaming that can be found on the market. The 95 points make it clear that it has been one of the products that we liked the most this year.
  • devil boomster: there was also room for audio equipment, and the Teufel Boomser was one of our favorites for its powerful sound system, capable of producing quality audio despite its compact format. With 93 pointsit happens to be one of our favorite portable speakers.
  • realm 11 Pro+ 5G: the “Pro+” version of the realme 11 series we liked a lot, and the 90 points their analysis proves it. We chose it as one of our favorite mid-range smartphones for its excellent camera system, led by a 200-megapixel Samsung ISOCELL sensor that puts the realme 11 Pro+ 5G on a par with much more expensive phones.
  • Motorola RAZR 40 Ultra: Motorola’s best foldable smartphone to date won 88 points in our review, for having the best screens ever seen in a “clamshell” smartphone so far. In addition, the device offers fantastic performance thanks to its Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 and hits the market at a price that is not as prohibitive as some alternatives. A pity that neither the cameras nor the autonomy were at the expected level.
  • TicWatch Pro 5: The latest WearOS watch in the TicWatch series proves that long battery life can be had in a watch running Google’s operating system. This model stands out for the versatility of its dual-screen system, for having one of the longest autonomy in its segment and for a wide variety of health and sports functions. Your score: 86 points.
  • EAH-AZ80 Techniques: the audio specialist Technics we fell in love with its new line of high-end headphones, led by the EAH-AZ80, which offer exceptional sound quality in an attractive format, with a long autonomy and backed by a useful and well-designed application . Their high price compared to other alternatives makes them not so attractive, but despite this they took 85 points in our analysis.
  • realm 11 Pro 5G: the cheapest version of the realme 11 Pro series stuck with 80 points since, although it shares design and some features with its older brother, it falls somewhat short in the field of photography and screen.
  • TCL 40 SEWe liked this entry-level smartphone, and unknown a priori, for its long autonomy and for having an attractive design, as well as offering good results with its main camera. For all this, he took 72 points.
  • FlexiSpot Q8: We had the opportunity to test the FlexiSpot Q8 lift desk, which won us over with its easy assembly, versatility and build quality. Undoubtedly, one of the best long-term investments that can be made when buying products for our work or leisure space.
  • red pad: Being the cheapest tablet in the Xiaomi catalog, it is not surprising that the Redmi Pad is not among the most powerful tablets on the market. However, this model offers a good price-performance ratio, and for this reason we give it a score of 70 points.
  • xiaomi redmi note 12: not so good was the experience with the Redmi Note 12, which took 65 points for having lost one of the hallmarks that so well defined the models in this series: value for money. It is not that its specifications are not enough, but the price increase means that it is no longer such an attractive device.


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