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All these iPhones are falling in price, it’s a great opportunity that won’t last long


You can take home one of Apple’s smartphones at a discount, something that is not very common.

All these iPhones are falling in price, it's a great opportunity that won't last long
Apple’s RED Product family.

If you are thinking of getting an iPhone you have come to the right place. We have done a small compilation with the iPhones that have dropped in price in recent days so you can save on your next purchase. Apple smartphones do not usually have a discount, so finding significant discounts is very difficult.

iPhone 12

While models 13 and 14 have a 50 euro discountthe iPhone 12 just reached his historical minimum price on Amazon. You have the opportunity to take the model with 128 GB of storage for 739 eurosa rather tempting figure for a smartphone that still has a lot to offer.

iPhone 13iPhone 14

Any of these iPhones is a great buy

You can’t go wrong with any of these smartphones, it’s that simple. It may be that they are expensive, that one is better for a certain type of user, but all of them offer high level features and really good user experience.

As he A14 bionic of the iPhone 12, such as the A15 bionic that incorporate the models 13 and 14 are chips with enough power so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Apple processors age very well and you will be able to enjoy your favorite applications without any problem.

The North American firm has spent years sticking out its chest in the photographic section, These iPhones do not lower the level when they have to take their cameras for a walk. The biggest jump occurs between models 12 and 14, of course, but if you have an iPhone 13 you will enjoy an experience practically identical to that of the last model.

iPhone 12

Although its batteries are not surprising in number, with capacities that may seem short compared to what we usually find in the Android world, the good understanding between software and hardware favors more than decent autonomies.

iPhone 13iPhone 14

If you want to go over to the apple side or renew your outdated iPhone, opting for Amazon is not a bad idea. As you have been able to verify, you will find more attractive prices than in other stores and if you are attentive you may see an iPhone drop to its minimum price. Sounds good right?

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