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The day has come, Google Stadia will say goodbye for good next Wednesday, January 18, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Time).

Less than a week for the final closure of Stadia: everything you need to know
Google Stadia is about to disappear forever, but you will be able to continue playing your favorite titles on other platforms.

It’s been months since Google announced the end of Stadiaand in fact, to the joy of most users, the Mountain View giant has already been reimbursing practically all of the hardware and game purchases that had been made through its ill-fated platform transmission of video games.

Now D-day has arrived, and it is that at the end Stadia will close its doors permanently next weekSpecifically, next Wednesday, January 18 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time (PST), a moment that will take place here in Spain. more or less 08:59 hours on January 19 because of the time difference.

confirmed it to the edge a few hours ago himself Patrick Seybold, Google Spokespersonwhich also reassured its former users and customers by informing that most major games already allow us to download our progress without problems or complications to take it to other platforms.

Google Stadia is dead: long live Stadia

It is important then that those of you who have important data in Stadia download them these days before the service closes its doors, because once Google presses the to turn off there will no longer be the possibility of returning to the video game platform to perform any operation.

So, here at Andro4all we want to collect all those interested how is the situation of the main titles released on Stadia so that you can assess what you do with your data and progress… Let’s go for it!

Google Stadia

The Cyberpunk 2077 game was probably the biggest flood of users towards Stadia.

How to download our content on Stadia for the main titles of the platform

  • cyberpunk 2077.- As for the great title champion of Stadia, the developer CD Projekt allows us to install our progress on PC, although for this we must first download them manually through the Google Takeout tool. Exists this guide that can help you in the process.
  • the elder scrolls online.- It is one of the most important games in terms of the number of users in Stadia, so it is good to review that Bethesda allows us to log into our Elder Scrolls Online account on its own website, being able to download the game on PC and Mac With all our progress intact. behold developer support page in case you need to solve any problem.
  • contract killer 3.- The company IO Interactive will make available to its users, this week, the tool Stadia progress portal. Thanks to this app, players will be able to take their data to PC including Steam or Epic platforms, as well as Xbox or PlayStation. You will need to have an IO Interactive account to carry out the process, and you should know that the app will close on February 17 to allow an acceptable amount of time. More information here.
  • destiny 2.- Players of this Bungie Studios title will also be able to take their characters and progress to other platforms from Stadia, although to do so they must manually activate cross-save before January 18. In its case, the developer has already turned off its servers in Stadia, in order to force users to activate the option over time and switch to PC or other options. Bungie provides more information on their website.
  • borderlands 3.- Another of the important games that Google Takeout uses so that users can manually download the progress. Here you have All the details from the hand of Gearbox.
  • All Ubisoft titles.- If you had bought Ubisoft games on Stadia, you should know that if they are not Just Dance you can get free copies for PC where you can continue playing from where you were. To do this, it is necessary to link the Ubisoft and Stadia accounts before the closure by Google, also activating the cross save data so that the progress is transferred to the PC. There’s also a support page of the French company to detail the process.
Less than a week for the final closure of Stadia: everything you need to know

What we don’t know yet is if the Google Stadia controller will be a paperweight or open up its Bluetooth connectivity.

It remains to be known, because no one has confirmed anything from Google in the last few weeks, it is if finally the I send the stages -that works the sea of ​​well- can be released to use your wireless connection on PC or other platformsor if it will stay turned into a nice and free paperweight courtesy of Google.

In any case, for all Those of you who still have doubts about the closure of Stadiayou should know that Google support managers have created an extensive FAQ available in several languages ​​and where you will find all the information necessary to solve practically any question.

I repeat it for the record I disagree… Long live Stadia!

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