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Amazon’s Ring cameras compromised by a group of hackers


The group of hackers ALPHV, theoretically specialized in ‘ransomware’, has already claimed responsibility for this attack, which has been recognized by Amazon and Ring in one of their providers, without affecting users.

There's a lot of danger here: Amazon's Ring cameras compromised by a group of hackers
Without a doubt, Ring cameras and video intercoms are very sensitive products by their nature.

More and more, and faster and faster, the devices of the internet of things they are invading our livesour homes and even our cars. So, it is no longer a secret that homes are becoming more digital and intelligentwith devices that in most cases facilitate the most tedious tasks or make many of our daily tasks more comfortable, although this certainly has a counterpart dangerous.

Not surprisingly, some of the most used applications of this kind of contraption for smart home They are video surveillance and securityscam countless cameras and other devices both for interiors and exteriors, and even intelligent video intercoms that we can integrate into our homes scam full connectivity and control via smartphone with notifications and everything.

And here’s where it comes in Amazon and its subsidiary firm Ringthat have in their catalog with some of the best-selling smart video intercoms of the planet and that, according to a news item Vicecould have been compromised in terms of cybersecurity by a group of hackers called ALPHV.

A group of ‘ransomware’ claims responsibility for a hack to Ring, the company behind Amazon’s video surveillance products, which confirms the attack on one of its providers, reporting that users are 100% safe.

Let’s worry but not too much (or so Amazon says) because Ring users are not affected

To explain the attack we refer to the information that has transcendedespecially on the side of the group of hackers ALPHV specialized in data hijackingwhich claims that “there is always an option to allow us to filter your data” assuring that they have hacked Ring and that they will publish what has been achieved if the company does not pay data rescue.

This gang of cybercriminals has a website with a very friendly search engine where he shames his victims and tries to extort them, and in which a message with the Ring logo and threats has been published to the subsidiary company of the shopping giant.

Obviously the entrance doors are not yet clear or what information they have been able to stealalthough Ring officials affirm that they have no evidence of unauthorized access to their systems, and that the attack did exist but in a supplier company:

We currently have no indication that Ring systems have experienced a ‘ransomware’ event.

As they claimed, they are already working hand in hand with this couple for more information and to know how far this data theft can go, but they reassure us by informing that the provider in question had in no case access to customer records and users of Ring devices, who would thus be 100% safe.

In any case, these incidents do not fail to show that when we put smart devices at homeespecially with microphones and cameras, we are making privacy concessions and leaving doors open to vulnerabilities and cybersecurity problems, something that indeed must always be taken into account and be willing to concede in exchange for the service offered.

After knowing the attacks, and although they were not direct, Ring has already modified some security policies and practices to protect its users.something that is obviously imperative in this type of sensitive products.

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