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An opportunity to support independent developers: 40 best Ukrainian indie games made it to the Indie Cup Celebration 2023 on Steam


Kyiv, Ukraine – February 14, 2023. Organizers online competition of independent game developers Indie Cup launched a Steam festival Indie Cup Celebration 2023. More than 250 best games of last year’s seasons. Of these, more than 100 have demo versions, and a select few have discounts.

In the selection of more than 40 Ukrainian games participating in last year’s competition Ukraine’22: Farlanders, Erra: Inception, Puzzles for Clef, STONKS-9800, Through the Nightmares, Ringlorn Saga and many others (including current projects Putinist Slayer and Deputinization).

Other Indie Cup Celebration attendees include recent indie hits The Case of the Golden Idol, Chained Echoes, Melatonin, Dome Keeper and many others. The event features separate pages with cup winners, selections of games with discounts, demo versions, sorting by genres, styles and themes. And even a list of cat games!

Indie Cup Celebration 2023 Steam Page: indiecup2023

Indie Cup Celebration 2023 takes place from 14 to 22 February.

About the Indie Cup

Indie Cup is an online festival where you can see the future of independent games. In its seven years of existence, it has become one of Europe’s leading events for indie developers. Since 2016, over 2,000 projects have entered the competition, including dozens of critically acclaimed and player-acclaimed games.

In 2022, the Indie Cup festivals were held in Germany, Canada and Ukraine. And right now Ukrainian indie developers can apply for participation in the next Indie Cup contest Central & Eastern Europe’23.

In additionIndie Cup organizes massive sales on Steam, including Ukrainian Games Festival and Indie Cup Celebration 2021.

Indie Cup website:

Twitter: twitter. com/gtpindiecup

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