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Android 11 is still the most popular version among users, according to Uptodown


Lack of ongoing support implies fragmentation.

Android 11 is still the most popular version among users, according to Uptodown
Despite the time, Android 11 is still the most common system among Android users.

Android has given a lot to the phone industry. Has been capable of democratizing a technology which at first was only accessible to the wealthiest pockets. However, the huge number of models and brands from different years makes, curiously, Android 11 the system with the most users today, as indicated by Uptodown. Android 13 will leave without having led this list.

The revealing data from the Uptodown report

He new report from Uptodownto whose CEO we were able to interview earliershows us quite enlightening data about the fragmentation suffered by Android devices with respect to the outdatedness of their terminals. Android 11 is the dominant system, close to 21% of the market share, several points above the current Android 13, with 17%. Meanwhile, Android 12 owns 13%, and Android 10 sits directly behind at 12%.

Result quite problematic in terms of performance and security standards that a system with two higher versions has more users, and this is because the number of users’ smartphones is aging without them making the leap to a new terminal. On the other hand, other data also stand out, such as Samsung is the most popular brand with 31%ahead of Xiaomi with 19%. And as for search engines, Chrome stands out with 85% domain, far above Samsung Internet Browserin second place without exceeding 4%.

Android versions 11, 13, 12, 10

Android 11, although it left the first line in 2021, is still the most common system among users.

Lack of updates on Android

It is the dark side of such a high terminal accessibility. Google used to release new Android versions every year. And in fact, Android 14 is coming soonbut mobiles do not usually make more than one or two jumps in terms of system versions due to lack of support. could be attributed to the always criticized planned obsolescencebut it is also true that giving continuous support to so many models of all kinds of brands is probably very expensive.

It would not be crazy to think that, at some point, the European Union will force companies to extend the deadlines for software updates in order to reduce pollution and waste, and save customer outlayssince many times this fact can condition us to change the terminal. In any case, for the moment there have been Important advances in this type of regulationssuch as the extension of the guarantee of the terminals, the obligation to Apple to use USB Type Cor the recent regulations that will force, as of 2027, that mobile devices have an easily removable batteryJust like the smartphones of yesteryear.

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