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Android 14 Beta 4 is now available and comes with a new “easter egg”


The fourth beta of Android 14 is now available, so we are at the gates of stable versions.

Android 14 Beta 4 is now available and comes with new "Easter Egg"
Android 14 is the next big update to Google’s operating system, coming in late 2023.

The development of android 14 continues its course with a view to a final launch that is expected for the months of August or September, already reaching the Developer Preview 4 which will presumably be the latest before stable releasesand that it has already been made available to users who have compatible mobileswhich in the end are the majority of pixel made by google.

The ad posted on android developers already reports significant progress, speaking explicitly of a job of “polished and performance” that will take us to Android 14 stable within a few weeks, this being an almost final compilation of the next flavor of Android, which as you already know will be ‘Upside Down Pie’.

so pray Google’s statement posted this afternoon:

Today we’re bringing you Android 14 Beta 4, continuing our work on polish and performance as we get closer to the general availability build of Android 14. Beta 4 is available for the Pixel Tablet and Pixel Fold, plus the rest of the supported Pixel family, so you can test your apps on devices that span multiple form factors and experience firsthand the work we’re doing to improve the big screen and foldable experience.

The stability of Android 14 Beta 4

for google this Beta 4 version is already stable in terms of platformwhich means that the APIs for developers and all application-oriented behaviors are already final so that any developer or company can integrate them with time in their apps and games. In addition, the possibility of publishing apps on Google Play with the official level of the Android 14 APIs is now open.

So, we are before a near-final build of Android 14 in which aspects of performance and optimization will be tested, without too many changes between now and the stable release in August or September.

Google says it’s a good time to finish compatibility testing and that they all publish the necessary updates to ensure the best user experience as soon as Android 14 is released permanently for all users of the platform.

Android 14 Beta 4 is now available and comes with new "Easter Egg"

The Android 14 ‘timeline’ does not lie, we are already very close to the stable versions.

premiering the new ‘Easter Egg’

As you will see, Android 14 Beta 4 is so final that the one that has already been released will presumably be the ‘Easter Egg’ final Android 14again space themed and a curious simulation of something similar to a launch with which we can play a little:

Mobile phones compatible with Android 14 Beta 4

The new Beta 4 version of Android 14 will be compatible with the new Google Pixel series smartphonesincluding the Fold and the Tablet as Google itself advertised. In addition, they remain compatible all Pixels released from the second half of 2020or what is the same, from the Pixel 4a (5G) to the most modern models of the Google factory.

To complete it list of supported devices is the next:

  • Pixel 4a (5G)
  • pixel 5
  • pixel 5a
  • pixel 6
  • pixel 6 pro
  • pixel 6a
  • pixel 7
  • pixel 7 pro
  • Pixel 7a
  • pixel tablet
  • pixel fold

Anyone who already had a previous preview version installed will receive the update to this Beta 4 automatically via OTA. The rest of you can proceed to the manual installation of the OTA file or sign up directly to android beta programin order to receive the update on your mobile without having to do anything else.

Other manufacturers that they had announced compatibility with the Android 14 Beta inform their users how to join the programand how to upgrade as soon as your builds are ready.

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