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Apex Legends is hosting a new event, Spellbound, with new skins including Seer’s Heirloom and the official launch of the tournament room creation system!


Friday, January 6, 2023, 4:35:42 a.m. Indochina time

Launched a new activity under the name enchant official for the game Battle Royal famous as Apex Legends who are entering the season 15 Or in a cool name like eclipse The activity will come with various interesting skins of legend both new and old pages Which can access to see the various details below

Another interesting thing about the activity. spell besides the skin of legend different, it would be heir new characters like seer The weapon comes in the shape of a crescent moon that looks like a knife from the game. value from Sarmad Collection Somewhat, although the inspiration for such weapons comes from the ancient Egyptian era.

In addition, it seems that the team Apex Legends There is a need to push the industry e-sports of the game to advance further Because they have officially announced the room creation system into the game. After before, it was necessary to request a code from the staff to use to enter the room. But after this, the tournament organizer will be able to create a room without any doubt. and may cause competition in the industry Apex Legends is more popular than ever. It is also possible



It is considered to be an interesting activity. which must be seen that the industry Apex Legends will grow up than before And there are more competitions in the year. 2023 Or will have to wait and follow each other in the end Spellbound Collection Event will officially start activities in January 18 2023 For anyone who is interested, let’s prepare the new year’s money well. Because I can tell you that it will definitely hurt!!

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