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Apex Legends Seer’s Heirloom Secret Turns Old Things Dull


Saturday, January 14, 2023, 4:08:40 a.m. Indochina time

after the game Apex Legends has announced the event enchant Comes with many different skins, including heirloom of seer Which is designed to be interesting Which can read more atthis article

For today, we will come to talk about the interest of heirloom various, with their purpose being to show coolness because heirloom Each of them will be used to show animation. which is different from the original extreme and with a coolness like no other, it makes heirloom It’s even more desirable than the skins within the game.

of course heirloom of seer I have shown a posture that is very different from the original. But not only that, because heirloom There are also gimmicks about “ drawing ” as a picture of the handiwork of seer itself, which from the clip below can be seen that seer that has shown the full skill of drawing until it comes out as a work of lots So sexy that it makes streamers like Tony Romero to the point of shock that he had to get up from his chair ever

But it seems that the interest will not end there. Because it seems that the paintings of seer That will not be just one work because the way Twitter of Apex Legends News Has come out to reveal many images that are designed by the skill of seer to be visited whether Rampart , Octane , name symbol of seer and many more

have to admit that the design team heirloom The more new ones come in, the more they come out. heirloom with more features added than before But have to exchange for old things, which will feel inferior to new things and make the feeling of collecting even more gradually disappear, such as Kunai of heir Which can only be picked up to see and change the way to catch while running

I can only hope that in the future the team Apex Legends will come back to solve such problems and make heirloom Old is more interesting However, there is no need to issue new items. but to have a system for adding color to heirloom should be enough And create more or less interest for game fans, of course

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