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Apple is no longer the most valuable brand in the world


The report “Tech 100 2023” prepared by Brand Finance ensures that Amazon is the most valuable brand in the world today above Apple and Google.

Apple is no longer the most valuable brand in the world
Amazon surpasses Apple as the world’s most valuable brand

Ladies and Gentlemen, Apple It is no longer the most valuable brand in the worldsince, according to a recent report prepared by Brand Finance, a company that every year analyzes the 5,000 most important firms worldwide, carrying out sector analysis and classifications, the Cupertino-based firm has lost this privileged position in favor of Amazon, the world’s leading e-commerce platform.

Next, we will list all the data from the “Tech 100 2023” report prepared by Brand Finance and we will tell you What are the 10 most valuable technology companies in the world?.

Amazon becomes the most valuable company in the world

As the report “Tech 100 2023” explains, Amazon has become the most valuable brand in the world after reach 288,500 million eurosthus surpassing Tim Cook’s company that has a value of 286,800 million euros.

The authors of this study say that Amazon has achieved this milestone thanks to an increase in its value by 36% since the pandemic caused by COVID-19something that it has achieved thanks to the success of sales in events such as the recent Prime Day, in which e-commerce has broken its own sales record by ship 375 million items in two days.

The last position on the podium in this ranking of the most valuable brands in the world is occupied by Google scam a value of 271,200 million euros and the top 5 is completed by Microsoft with a value of €184.6 billion and samsung with a value €79.7 billion.

In sixth place in this classification we find the fashionable social network, Tik Tokworth €63.3 billionwhich exceeds Facebook which has a value of €56.8 billion.

Finally, the last three brands in the ‘top ten’ compiled by Brand Finance are WeChat with a value of €48.4 billion, instagram worth €45.7 billion and huawei worth €42.7 billion.

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