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Apple is the only mobile brand to escape the recession… for now


The mobile market falls and with it all the giants in the sector, which have lost income and profits except for one

Apple is the only mobile brand to escape the recession... for now
At this end of 2022, only Apple can smile when we talk about revenue in the mobile industry.

It was already warned with previous IDC reports and now they are the experts of Counterpoint Research those who corroborate the news: the mobile market is still in recession and only Apple escapes burning (no, neither does Samsung…).

And it is that despite the fact that Samsung and Apple seemed to be the only ones holding up their sales figures in an environment of widespread falls, as our classmates told us Android Authority it seems that only the Cupertino giant grows in revenue after announcing the results of the last completed quarter of 2022.

is being a very difficult year for the mobile industryin a scenario of possible economic recession, with the pandemic still raging in some Asian countries where the “zero Covid” strategy has been causing massive closures, and in recent months with geopolitical tensions sparked by trade battles between China and the United States or by the war between Russia and Ukraine that has come to accelerate huge inflation in virtually all markets driven by energy dependence.

With the entire industry falling around them, in Cupertino they celebrate that the numbers of their iPhone are still green, increasing both the operating profit and the average sales price of their smartphones.

The great fall of mobiles is a reality: Samsung announces a cut of 30 million mobiles

The Counterpoint study says that global revenue in the smartphone market fell 3% yoy in the third quarter of 2022, swept away by a massive drop of up to 12% yoy in sales if we look at figures extrapolated worldwide.

Everything could have been worse, however, and that is there is a manufacturer (obviously Apple) that does keep its numbers in the green once again and despite the negative environment that surrounds him.

The Cupertino Giant launched its iPhone 14 precisely in this quarter helping to make up the figures of the entire industry, also growing 10% year-on-year in revenue thanks to an average sales price that is up 7% at least in his case.

Earnings in the mobile market Q3-2022

Share of operating profit by manufacturer in the mobile industry, updated to Q3 2022. (Counterpoint)

As for your competitors, samsung saw its average sale price grow less, a modest 2%, despite the fact that doubled the sales of its Galaxy Z foldables compared to last year. In any case, its revenue decreased 4% year-over-year.

OPPO also falls with a crashnothing less than 27% in income and 5% in average sale price, and that despite having integrated those of OnePlus into its figuressurely dragging these numbers due to the problems in China caused by the new waves of coronavirus.

Xiaomi is the other positive, although much more modest, since its revenue growing 4% year-on-year thanks to the sales of smartphones in the cheapest price bands. And it is that indeed its shipments for mobiles of more than 300 dollars fell by 1.5%, while they grew a lot in the band of 200 up to 299 dollarscausing the average sale price to also grow by 14% year-on-year.

The report also mentions that sales of smartphones with 5G connectivity managed to increase the average price by 10%although this is also due in part to the fact that Apple has arrived at 5G and their iPhones are all cut premium:

At more than $80 billion, the revenue contribution from 5G phones reached an all-time high of 80% of global revenue, up from 69% in the third quarter of last year. In the same period, the revenue contribution from 4G LTE phones fell 10% to $19 billion. This technology shift from 4G to 5G has been led by Apple, which alone accounts for more than half of all 5G revenue with more than 95% of its phones being 5G-enabled.

Effects no doubt of a down economy in which updating smartphones is no longer such a priority, also counting on a huge price increase that It has reduced the purchasing power of families and that it will surely continue to complicate us for several more quarters, in addition to the saturation already seen in emerging markets like China and India.

We will see how events unfold in the coming months, but looking at Apple’s numbers it is clear that if someone escapes the crisis it is precisely the wealthiest peopleAs always!

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