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Apple prepares its cheapest headphones to compete with Xiaomi and Samsung


Apple would be working on cheaper wireless headphones than usual, called AirPods Lite.

AirPods Lite: Apple prepares its cheapest headphones to compete with Xiaomi and Samsung
The AirPods family would be about to grow thanks to a much more affordable model

We are used to the fact that most manufacturers of technological devices launch alternative products to Apple modelswith similar features but at lower prices. However, very rarely do we see the movement in reverse… although today we have learned that this could change within a short time.

At least that’s what new news suggests. clues that echo in the portal 9to5macwhere they state that Apple would be planning the launch of “AirPods Lite”a more affordable version of its totally wireless headphones, intended to compete with signature models such as Samsung, Xiaomi or Huawei.

Apple is not satisfied with the dominance of AirPods and also wants to conquer the market for cheap “true wireless”

Today, the catalog of Apple AirPods headphones is made up of four different modelsbeing the second generation AirPods the cheapest, since they can be bought at a price of 159 euros.

That figure, however, puts them away from some of the headsets true wireless cheapest on the market, from firms like Xiaomi or realme. These types of models can be found on the market at prices ranging from just over 25 euros to figures of around 100 euros.

The latest rumors suggest that the alleged AirPods Lite would arrive soon, with a lowest price than second-generation AirPods, which could be around $129 in the United States.

Despite the great growth of competition in the market, Apple continues to dominate the field of fully wireless headphones. As commented by our classmates from iPadizedThroughout the year 2022, 73 million units of the family’s headphones were sold, but it is expected that, throughout this year, the demand will be significantly reduced. That’s where the launch of new, low-priced AirPods could have a positive impact on Apple’s sales numbers.

For now, not much more is known about these headphones, neither their characteristics nor when they will be available. However, it is most likely that new data about them will be discovered over the weeks, as the date that Apple has scheduled for its market launch approaches.

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