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are already compatible with Matter


At last! Support for Matter comes to Android and Google Nest devices.

Your Nest speakers and Android devices just got better—they're now compatible with Matter

The Google Nest family smart speakers, routers and displays now support Matter. Google today announced that the rollout of the standard, which aims to standardize the concept of the “connected home”, has been completed across its family of Nest devices and platform. Android.

In this way, owners of any Nest device can now take advantage of the inclusion of this standard to connect your third-party devices No connection or compatibility issues.

Google Nest Sound

Starting today, speakers like the Google Nest Audio already support the Matter standard.

Millions of Android devices receive support for Matter

In addition to Nest devices, Matter is now available on millions of Android devices around the world. In order to enjoy the benefits of Matter, all you have to do is have them updated google play services to version 22.48.14 and have a android version equal to or greater than Android 8.1 Oreo.

For their part, Nest series devices must have the latest firmware update installed. Google has confirmed that the following devices are already compatible with the Matter standardand that other models will soon be added, including WiFi routers and smart thermostats.

  • Nest mini
  • Nest Sound
  • Nest Hub (1st generation)
  • Nest Hub (2nd generation)
  • Nest Hub Max
  • Nest Wi-Fi Pro
  • Google Home
  • Google Home Mini

Other devices compatible with Matter will be able to connect to the previous ones to use them as a “hub”. Others, on the other hand, require a Thread in order to function.and that is why Google is working on adding support for Thread in some of its devices.

Matter and Thread, how are they different?

Thread is an IPv6-based communications protocol, similar to Wi-Fi. It is the type of connection used by some home automation devices. Matter, on the other hand, is the open home automation standard promoted by various manufacturers, such as Google or Apple, and includes support for the connection between devices through Thread. You can learn more in the Guide on Matter and Thread from our colleagues at iPadizate.

Google has also confirmed that support for Matter in the Google Home app for iOS will arrive in 2023and for the moment only Android users will be able to enjoy the support of this standard.

On the other hand, it has been announced collaboration between google and samsungwhich will allow users of the Google Home app to integrate devices compatible with the SmartThings ecosystem into it.

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