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Artemy Lebedev Promises Bitcoins: Charity or Bluff?


Artemy Lebedev Promises Bitcoins: Charity or Bluff?

A well-known designer and blogger announced the collection of cryptocurrency in his telegram channel.

Famous blogger and designer Artemy Lebedev may have been hacked into his Telegram-channel. About it on Varlamov News channel told Ilya Varlamov (registered in Russia as a foreign agent):

“In Artemy Lebedev’s telegram channel, a message appeared about the collection of cryptocurrency. Apparently it was hacked. Lebedev’s personal Telegram account is currently deleted.

A message about the collection of cryptocurrency on the designer’s channel appeared on July 8 at 14:07 Moscow time. He allegedly promised that everyone who invested money would receive it back in a few days with a 15% bonus: “So you can help me and make a relatively good profit.” The post has now been deleted.

The publication stated that by the evening of July 8, you need to collect $550,000 (50,319,500 rubles) in cryptocurrency. Allegedly, due to bank restrictions, it is impossible to buy it in large quantities so quickly, so you have to ask subscribers for help. The publication also indicated the minimum and maximum transfer amounts: from $500 to $550 thousand per payment. Each participant of the “promotion” was asked to write to the editorial office of the designer, attach screenshots of the translation and personal details for a refund.

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It is not known whether any of the subscribers managed to send money to the specified crypto wallets. Lebedev himself still did not give any comments.

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