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As useful as a mobile (or more), and it costs just over 10 euros


It is an element that we should all have at home because it helps us every day to have energy in all our electronic devices.

As useful as a mobile (or more), and it costs just over 10 euros
They come in various colors and with a different number of ports, but this product is essential in any home.

When they ask us the typical question about what we would take with us to a deserted island or items that we always carry with us our tripsWe usually always include our mobile as a more than a priority option. Nevertheless, few stop to think about another element that becomes indispensable, even before the mobile.

To have a mobile or any other electronic element at full capacity we need energyand this is achieved by charging its battery in a socket. Today we want to recommend one of the products that we all have at home (or we should) and that it has a very useful addition to this model. A thief for a USB plug is essential to me on my trips, and for little more than 10 euros you have a great quality one on amazon.

Plug thief with USB (4 in 1)

Get this essential element for about 10 euros

plug thief

Stop tangling cables and risking your life with a useless thief.

When charging your mobile every night we usually have a electrical outlet near the nightstandbut we don’t always have it free. In my case, I have an Echo Dot speaker connected there and every night I had to unplug the speaker to charge my mobile. But this thief with USB was my most immediate solution and the best decision I made. Now I have the Echo Dot connected 24 hours a day and I can charge my mobile, even having 2 free USB sockets to charge my Google Pixel Buds A or a tablet that is around the house.

With this thief you can connect up to 4 devices at the same time No problem, two of them in the classic power outlets and another two through their USB ports. The USB sockets support a 2.4 A maximum amperage total with 5 V (for a load of up to 12W), that is to say 1.2 A each. The maximum load that this thief supports is 16 A, being able to connect devices of up to full 3,500W – 3,600W. That is, you can connect a heater, an iron or a hair dryer without problems. Is ideal to take you on a trip.

Plug thief with USB (4 in 1)

Although this one has only 2 power outlets and 2 USB, there are dozens of models of the same brand with other shapes, sizes, and number of ports. This model measures 10.6 cm long, 5.9 cm high and 5.2 cm deep. It takes up very little space, and it doesn’t matter if your socket has the outlet in landscape or portraitthis thief will be worth you. And if you only have one socket in a room where you usually use several electronic devices, either to charge them or to use them at the moment, I recommend this model with 4 plugs and 3 USB sockets with off button.

Plug thief with USB (7 in 1)

This model that we recommend is available in three colors: totally white, white and gray and completely black. It is a product that, when you have it in your hand, you will see that it is of very good quality. It will last you a long time and make your life easier with the household electronics you have.

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