Home Tech At six figures, this first-generation iPhone is the most expensive ever

At six figures, this first-generation iPhone is the most expensive ever

At six figures, this first-generation iPhone is the most expensive ever


It has only cost almost 170,000 euros for the wing… Little joke!

At six figures, this first-generation iPhone is the most expensive ever
This is one of those very expensive ‘1st Gen’ iPhones, in its box and well sealed.

Seeing what the most are willing to do fanboys of the placethe truth is that the success of an Apple that has already exceeded 3 trillion on the stock market for the first time in history, and obviously handles prices and profit margins better than anyone for the money users are willing to pay for their devices.

Not in vain, is that there is more than 1,000 euros of difference between what it costs to make a iPhone 14 Pro Max and what Apple charges us for having it, although in reality what we are here to talk about today is an iPhone much less performance but at the same time much more expensive. In fact, it is that it is the most expensive iPhone recorded in all of history.

Friends of digital trends echoing an auction a first generation iPhone which is over in absolutely absurd figuresrun by americans LCG Auctions who explained to us directly the reason for such madness.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based company LCG Auctions has auctioned off a pristine 4GB ‘1st Gen’ iPhone unit owned by a rather lucky former Apple engineer, bringing in more than $190,000 for keeping it well and not having opened it since 2007.

why an iPhone ‘1st generation’ from 2007 and 4 GB can cost $190,372.80

Explaining it is quite difficult, although must be understood in the context of collectors and luxuryso here the figures do not count for much. In fact, it is that LCG Auctions already estimated an auction closing with bids between $50,000 and $100,000although the forecasts have been exceeded almost to double the price of the lot.

The final bid that has won this pristine unit of the first generation iPhone with 4 GB capacity has reached the staggering $190,372.80to current change no less than 169,299.72 eurosan unthinkable cost unless a pocket-lucky Apple fan wants to complete a hugely expensive collection. Which is surely what has happened here.

It is not in fact the first time that we see gigantic prices for these sealed units of the first iPhonealthough to date none had come close to six figures which this unit has far exceeded.

* This is what an iPhone box that costs more than a house looks like.

Those responsible for the auction house tell us that its price is due to the pristine state of the unitwhat was it “owned by someone on Apple’s original engineering team when this phone was first introduced”what makes me “practically flawless along the entire surface and edges of the package, with a clean factory seal and labels in perfect condition”.

Apparently any collector would have “many difficulties to get a unit with the quality of this batch”no longer superior And besides, it’s that It is a rather rare iPhone, since it is a 4 GB version which was abandoned two months after launch in favor of the 8 GB models, which were the best sellers at the time, so there are not too many units on the market and much less without unsealing. They even venture that she is the only one in the world.

Of course, since it is not open it has never been activated eitherso unfortunately the buyer (who wanted to remain anonymous) will not know if this iPhone works until he opens it, something that we doubt will happen because opening the product would lose you a real fortune.


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