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Autonomous cars have an unexpected enemy: cones


Some San Franciscans have declared war on self-driving cars and are taking steps to disable them.

Autonomous cars have an unexpected enemy: cones
One of Cruise’s autonomous cars already on the streets of San Francisco

The citizens of San Francisco, California, they disagree with which the streets of the city have been flooded with autonomous cars from companies like Waymo or Cruise, who already work with their own robotaxisand they are taking action with the aim of preventing these types of companies from continuing to expand their fleet. And they’re doing it in the least damaging and most inventive way possible: placing cones on their hoods.

Recently, a video went viral on Twitter reviewing the alleged dangers and inconveniences caused by the arrival of autonomous cars in citiesincluding traffic blockades, circulation through unauthorized places or even being run over. In the clip, the simple way to stop completely to this type of vehicles using a simple cone.

A group of San Francisco citizens are boycotting self-driving cars using cones

The group in charge of the protests calls itself safe street rebeland they claim to have the intention of “restoring pedestrian safety” by reducing the number of cars present on the streets.

In addition to warning of the problems and risks that the proliferation of this type of vehicle entails, they have decided to take action on the matter placing cones on the hoods of autonomous cars. Apparently this technique interferes with autonomous navigation systems of most vehicles of this type, and these they are not able to continue on their way.

The group encourage any citizen concerned about the situation to carry out this act every time they see an autonomous vehicle on the street. They argue that driverless cars pose many risks to the safety of citizens and the environment, and that this technique does not harm anyone’s property and it is easily solvable despite being such an effective method.

For its part, one of the main companies in charge of one of the fleets of autonomous vehicles, waymohas shown its disagreement with this practice through a spokesperson who has talked with The Guardianand ensures that it is “it is an act of vandalism that encourages unsafe and disrespectful behavior.” They also state that they will contact the police in case someone is caught interfering with their fleet of vehicles.

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