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Bacon Time ends KIC 2022 route, takes home more than 9 million baht!!


Wednesday, December 14, 2022 at 3:54:44 PM, Indochina time.

Honor of Kings International Championship 2022 (KIC 2022) The Honor of Kings World Championship is open to international teams for the first time. Has ended the route of the competition only because they were unable to qualify as the final 2 teams to continue in the Knockout Stage round

Bacon Time has to be grouped with 2 strong teams from China like Weibo Gaming and Xianyou Gaming who have been competing in this game for a very long time (Weibo Gaming was a former champion). The other team is grouped with Bacon Time in KIC 2022 Group D is FUT Nova representing Europe.

Bacon Time finished 3rd in their group with 1 win, 1 draw, 4 losses (with 4 points), while tight-knit Weibo Gaming ended their group with 18 wins and 2nd place was Xianyou Gaming. There were 12 points, 4 wins, 2 draws, while FUT Nova finished last with 1 draw and 11 losses (with 1 point).

Even though Team Bacon Time did not advance to KIC 2022, don’t forget that this is the first time a team from Thailand has stepped onto the Honor of Kings World Championship and Bacon Time is 1 of 4 teams that made it through. The selection comes from the KIC 2022 Wildcar round, plus the prize money they get back after joining KIC 2022 is up to 9,000,000 baht, so it’s considered a good start for our home in the Honor of Kings competition that will begin to open. The full Global version will be released next year.

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