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Bank of Baroda Credit Card for Defence Personnel


Bank of Baroda Credit Cards has been assisting customers for a long way. Due to the high competition in the credit card segment, the bank needed to keep upgrading. You can now find various credit cards that cater to various segments of society. Bank of Baroda has a large customer base and has been involved in this. The Bank of Baroda Credit Card for Defence Personnel is aimed at the country’s army, navy, and paramilitary personnel. As a result, brave personnel can benefit from these cards. Furthermore, the BOB defence credit card comes with a variety of other benefits from various categories like complimentary airport lounge access, lifetime free credit card, fuel surcharge waiver, and many more.

Dive deeper into this article to understand all about the different types of Bank of Baroda Credit Cards for Defence Personnel.

Benefits and Features of Bank of Baroda Credit Cards for Defence Personnel?

You will get two Bank of Baroda Credit Cards that are specially designed to serve the brave warriors of our nation. Further, they come with some handpicked benefits in addition to defence advantages. Look over these Best Credit Cards for Defence Personnel from other banks.

Below are the two types of Bank of Baroda Defence Credit Cards:

The Sentinel

This is one of the Best Credit Cards provided by BoB. It was specially curated for the Assam Riffles Personnel. Moreover, in terms of benefits, it provides completely equal to what you will get with other credit cards. Further, it is a Lifetime Free Credit Card which means you didn’t have to pay the annual and renewal fees.


Here are the benefits you will get from The Sentinel Bank of Baroda Credit Card:

  • FITPASS Pro Membership Free worth INR 15,000 for 6 months.
  • You will get Reward Points up to 1000 within 30 days of card activation.
  • Amazon Prime Membership for 12 months worth INR 1 Lakh. However, you will get it within 90 days of card issuance.
  • Spend INR 100 on grocery and departmental stores and get 5X Reward Points.
  • For spending INR 100 on other categories you will get 2 Reward Points.
  • Airport Lounge Access up to 8 per year. Further, they are limited to up to 2 each quarter.
  • Golf Lessons/Games per calendar year up to 4 and 1 per quarter.
  • The credit card is equipped with Contactless technology.
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver of 1%.

Key Features

Here are the key features of this Bank of Baroda Credit Card for Defence Personnel :

  • 3 Lifetime Free add-on cards for your loved ones.
  • Insurance against accidental death Up to INR 20 Lakhs in coverage.
  • Zero Liability for Lost Cards and 50 Days Interest Period has a free credit.
  • Minimum Payment Due and finance your expenditures as you see fit.

Indian Army YODDHA BoB Credit Card

Bank of Baroda has collaborated with the NPCI and launched the Bank of Baroda Co-Branded Credit Card. As per the name suggested YODDHA has been launched for the Indian Army Troops. Further, you will avail benefits across various other categories. In addition, you didn’t have to pay any amount for the joining fee for this Bank of Baroda Credit Card for Defence Personnel. As it is a lifetime free card it makes the process more smoother.


Mentioned below are the benefits of the Indian Army YODDHA Credit Card:

  • Complimentary 6 Months FITPASS Pro Membership worth INR 15000.
  • Activate your credit card and get 1000 Reward Points.
    Exclusive Amazon Prime Membership for 12 months. Further, you need to spend INR 1 Lakh within 90 days to reap this perk.
  • On spending INR 100 on Grocery & Departmental Stores you will get 10 Reward Points.
  • For all other spendings in other categories, you will get 2 Reward Points.
  • Complimentary 8 Airport Lounge access per calendar year and 2 per quarter.
  • Get Golf Lessons/Games per year up to 4, limited up to 1 per quarter.
  • Contactless Technology that boosts safety and security.
  • Over Indian fuel surcharge waiver of 1%.

Key Features

The following are the top features comprise with this Bank of Baroda Credit Card for Defence Personnel:

  • Get up to three free lifetime add-on cards for a family member, spouse, or loved one.
  • Insurance coverage for death or an accident up to INR 20 lakh.
  • Zero Liability Protection in the event of a fraudulent case.
  • Interest-free period of 50 days from the date the card is issued.
  • Pay the Minimum Amount Due and finance your purchases.


The Bank of Baroda Credit Card for Defence Personnel is an excellent and reliable option. Aside from the Defence benefits, you can also get Insurance, a fuel surcharge waiver, a lifetime free card, an Amazon Prime membership, and many more. Furthermore, if you are a frequent traveler, you can take advantage of complimentary airport lounge access. The best thing about the Bank of Baroda Credit Card for Defence Personnel is that there is no annual or renewal fee. As a result, there is no need to pay the entire amount and then repay it. You can also call the Bank of Baroda Customer Care Number if you have any questions. They will assist you throughout the process of resolving your issues.


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