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Bear Bakery – Merge Tycoon v1.2.07 MOD APK (No Cooldown, Free VIP) Download


What is that smell that I just can’t put my finger on? Welcome! Your much-expected tycoon game is finally here! The joy of waking up to charming animal companions has now been taken to a new level. If I put in enough effort, I should be able to create a simple bakery. To be more specific, Bear’s Bakery. manager! Please look at the following to get an idea of ​​how we do business at the bakery.

Bakers can use Merge to generate new loaves of bread. You may bake a variety of loaves with Merge. What kind of bread do you think Merge will make in the next stage!? You have a short-term goal of creating the most relaxing spa setting imaginable. We require a break room to ensure everyone’s safety on the work. The following objective demands players to use Bakery income to furnish their employees’ break spaces with comfortable seating. When staff is well-cared for, in terms of sleep, diet, and exercise, productivity can increase. Without bread, the Bakery would perish. Bakeries rely on the popularity of their excellent bread goods to stay in business. Merge Tycoon produces a massive amount of bread.

It is critical to understand what your customers enjoy and dislike. It is critical to remember that each consumer has unique interests and dietary requirements! Preferences of customers! To that end, I urge you to find a favorite loaf of bread and incorporate it into your diet regularly. Create a pop-up shop that sells a variety of things. Mr. Bearbae has created a one-of-a-kind bread recipe. If you want to take advantage of this offer before it expires, you should act soon. Don’t miss out on exclusive furniture designs that will only be offered at the pop-up shop. When is the Bear Bakery going to close? Managers must solve the problem!!

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