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Best free AI YouTube Description Generators


In this post, we list some of the best free AI YouTube Description Generators. AI is known to change the content marketing industry. Typical jobs earlier held by people are being done by bots managed through artificial intelligence. One such case is with writing YouTube descriptions. Since YouTube descriptions need a lot of SEO research, AI will save considerable time and effort while writing YouTube descriptions.

Best free AI YouTube description generators

Best free AI YouTube Description Generators

AI YouTube Description Generators help you create YouTube descriptions for SEO using AI for free. We tried and tested some and our list is as follows:

  1. ChatGPT
  2. Scalenut
  3. Frase
  4. SocialVideoPlaza
  5. TubeRanker
  6. Cookup
  7. Simplified YouTube Description generator

1] ChatGPT

YouTube description generators

Many might have expected a free YouTube description generator tool as the best option in this list; however, I have considered ChatGPT for this position. The reason is that you can create considerably long YouTube descriptions with ChatGPT. Also, you can customize the descriptions as per your needs. With other free YouTube description writing software products, you will have limited options.

However, you will need to be precise with the instructions. Eg. Instruct ChatGPT “Please write a YouTube description for…” Then add further instructions following this note. Hit Enter and the YouTube description will be generated in a few seconds. You can access it from

2] Scalenut

AI YouTube description generators

Scalenut is one of the simplest YouTube description generators. All you need to do is Enter a title for the YouTube video.  Then Enter a few keywords, each separated by a comma. When you click on Generate, three descriptions will be generated. These three descriptions have different tones and seem like different writers wrote them. If you need more versions, then you will have to Sign up for the website. You can do that easily through your Google account. If you like the software and need to use it at a professional level then the paid version would be required. You can access the application at

3] Frase

Description generators for YouTube

I rate Frase as an excellent tool for generating YouTube descriptions for free. While you would still have to log in to the tool, the features are much better for a few reasons. First of all, it consults SEO tools like Ahref and Semrush before creating the description. Other than this, the tool allows you to change its creativity level.

I don’t think Frase has a limit on the number of YouTube descriptions you can generate since there is no mention on the website. This tool can also be used for creating Meta descriptions of blog posts. You can use it through

4] SocialVideoPlaza

Free AI YouTube description generators

The SocialVideoPlaza website allows you to create YouTube video descriptions using AI. It asks you for a set of information like the target keyword, basic description, rival videos, etc. You can also enter the timestamps and details of your channel. Finally, click on Generate and you the website will return the YouTube description. Thereafter, you can select Copy to Clipboard and Paste it to your YouTube video’s description section.

Other than this, the web application also adds your social media handles to your YouTube video’s description. This software can be accessed from

5] TubeRanker

Best free AI YouTube description generators

TubeRanker has pre-defined templates for creating YouTube descriptions. If you are confused about the process of creating a YouTube description, you can use this tool. It allows you to add the description, timestamps, information on your channel, etc. Even more, you can add keywords which is an important part of YouTube SEO.

Tuberanker helps you create a useful description without keyword stuffing. By using this tool, you can make your channel description worthy and safe from YouTube SEO bots. This tool can be accessed from

6] Cookup

Best free AI YouTube description generators for Windows

Cookup is another AI application to generate detailed videos for YouTube. All you need to do is enter the basic description in the description field. Then click on Generate. Doing this will present you with 5 descriptions. You can use any of these descriptions or modify them. You will also notice the copy symbol near the description. Click on it to copy the description to the clipboard. Then paste it into your YouTube video’s description section.

If you don’t like the descriptions, then simply click on Generate another. This tool can be accessed from

7] Simplified YouTube Description generator

Tools by Simplified brand are known to be better than most rivals. The Simplified YouTube Description generator allows you the sophistication of paid tools for free (to quite an extent). All you need to do is log in to the tool and then enter the target keyword. After this, check the switch for advanced options and add more details. Click on Generate to get the results. You are allowed 30 descriptions per month and the free plan is renewed every month. This can be sufficient for many YouTubers.

Did you try these YouTube description generators? If yes, which one did you like?

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What should I write in my YouTube description?

YouTube suggests that the description should contain basic keywords, but the keywords should not be spammed. The description should appear to be meaningful and a worthy explainer to the video. Other than this, you can include timestamps and social media handles in the YouTube description. A lot of YouTubers indulge in keyword stuffing which means simply copy-pasting keywords to the YouTube description. This should be strictly avoided.

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How to increase views on YouTube?

Increasing views on YouTube depends on the niche of the channel. Entertainment channels get traffic after being suggested through other videos and the YouTube main page. Thus, the thumbnail is important for them. For informational videos, the focus keyword is important, then using the right keywords in the description can be helpful.

Best free AI YouTube description generators

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