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beta testers revealed all Google maps


Pixel Call Screen will be even better: beta testers revealed all Google maps

Artificial intelligence is increasingly involved in call processing and can please the owners of branded gadgets.

Pixel Call Assist is one of the distinctive feature sets of smartphones Google, offering its users a new, truly innovative level of interaction with voice calls. The company does not stand still and is actively testing new opportunities for the development of this functionality.

One of the popular features of Call Assist is the “Call Screen” or “Call Screen”, which is able to independently receive calls and request various information, for example, who exactly is calling, in order to determine whether the call is legitimate or is spam. The owner of the device can track the progress of such a conversation thanks to the built-in voice transcription function.

An example of how the Call Screen function works

As of May this year, an updated version of Call Screen has been available in beta testing on selected Pixel devices, boasting more natural voice prompts, as well as a new “Protection Level” option that allows you to more flexibly configure call filtering. There are three levels to choose from:

  • Maximum: checks for any unknown numbers, rejects spam calls.
  • Medium: checks only suspicious numbers, rejects spam calls.
  • Basic: does not check, immediately rejects only known numbers that are already in the spam database.

Depending on the result of the check, the call will either go to the owner of the device or will be automatically rejected.

Flexible Call Screen settings through “Protection level”

Currently, beta testing of the updated feature is available only to users of smartphones Pixel 6 and later, and so far mainly in the United States. Earlier devices are likely not supported due to the lack of the Google Tensor AI chip. The purpose of adding the “Protection Level” option is to improve overall Call Screen capability, reduce spam calls, and give users more control and peace of mind.

Google has expressed its intention to share more details about the project in the coming months. This is broadly in line with Google’s previous announcement in April, when the company hinted that the Pixel Call Screen would be “even better” thanks to artificial intelligence technologies.

While the upgraded Call Screen was originally expected to only support the Pixel 8, the current beta test makes it clear that previous Tensor devices will also receive these improvements.

Overall, this beta test highlights Google’s ongoing efforts to improve and improve the Call Screen feature, providing users with better unwanted call filtering options and a more relaxed experience using their device.

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