Home Tech Big price drop for this powerful robot vacuum compatible with Alexa and Google Home

Big price drop for this powerful robot vacuum compatible with Alexa and Google Home

Big price drop for this powerful robot vacuum compatible with Alexa and Google Home


Ultenic’s robot is among the best for power, energy efficiency and available features.

Big price drop for this powerful robot vacuum compatible with Alexa and Google Home
This Ultenic robot vacuum cleaner has adequate power to leave the living room carpet without a trace of hair or dust.

Do you have a robot vacuum cleaner at home? This small appliance is becoming a staple in homes these days, and it is because they give us a lot of help with cleaning the floor. Today we have found the Ultenic D5s Pro robot vacuum cleaner by 185 euros on Amazon thanks to a coupon of 35 euros discount.

However, you can also get this robot on AliExpress for 163 euros with vendor code L5N748YMSL33the why 169.99 euros on the official Ultenic website. any of the three offers is good and valid today. Hurry up and get one of The best robot vacuum cleaners of the moment with a big discount.

Ultenic D5s Pro

Buy a great discount smart cleaning option

Ultenic D5s Pro mat

The Ultenic robot can climb long-pile carpets without any problem.

Despite Xiaomi has great cleaning productsthe Ultenic firm also has them, and very good quality. This D5s Pro robot is one of the most powerful in the range of cheap robot vacuum cleaners, with a suction motor of up to 3000 PA. This allows you to take both pet hair, dead skin, dust and even cereals and coffee beans.

Its 2600 mAh battery can give us a cleaning autonomy of up to 120 minutesor what is the same, you will be able to map and vacuum an entire area of ​​about 180 square meters on a single charge. If the robot sees that its battery drops below 20% during cleaning, it will automatically return to its charging base. Once it reaches 80% charge, it will finish the cleaning that it had left.

And you will not only be able to vacuum the floor and the carpet at home, as this Ultenic D5s Pro has a mop or mop function. Can attach the water tank in its lower part in a simple way and a mop that includes attached with velcro that will act as a mop and mop. You can adjust the level of water that soaks during cleaning the mop. In this sense, you will vacuum and scrub at the same time, leaving the floor spotless. I usually use this function in parquetso that it stays shiny longer.

Ultenic D5s Pro Sensors

This robot has multiple proximity sensors to avoid any obstacle.

And best of all, if you have an Echo or Google Nest speaker at home, you can control your Ultenic robot vacuum cleaner with your voice. You can add it in the Amazon Alexa or Google Home appsAs part of your smart home, schedule its operation and vacuum power. You can also use it alone with the Ultenic app or use the remote control included if you do not have WiFi within reach of the robot.

Ultenic D5s Pro

Finally, one aspect that I like about this robot vacuum is how little noise it makes while vacuuming. reach the 55 dB of noise in ECO modesomething I could fall asleep perfectly on. The capacity of the dirt tank is 500 mlfully charges in about 2.5 hours and has 7.3cm tallperfect for sneaking under the vast majority of sofas and furniture.

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