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Bluetooth calls and 7 days of battery for only 50 euros in this watch that we recommend


It falls from 70 to 50 euros and is the option that we recommend if you want to get a good cheap smartwatch.

Bluetooth calls and 7 days of battery for only 50 euros in this watch that we recommend
Despite being cheap, this smartwatch has Bluetooth calls and water resistance // Image: Pedro Gómez.

You don’t have to spend 100 euros or more to get a good smart watch. In fact, you can get a good smartwatch for everyday use for just half that money, for 50 euro. That is why we want to recommend the realme watch 3between best cheap smartwatches and more than prepared to offer you a good experience. In fact, it has features typical of more expensive models, such as Bluetooth calls.

The recommended retail price of this realme Watch 3 is 69.99 euros, a value for which it was already worth it. However, the most normal thing is that you can buy it for only 50 euros in AliExpress Plazascam free shipping from Spain so you can start using it in just a few days. This realme Watch 3 is also usually on sale on amazonalthough in this store it is more expensive, usually around 60 euros.

We already told you everything you should know in the analysis of the realme Watch 3but we are going to review the most important aspects so that Get to know this smart watch in depth before you get hold of him.

realme watch 3

Why the realme Watch 3 is a good smartwatch for 50 euros

The first thing you should know about this realme Watch 3 is that it is a nice and comfortable device that you can wear all day. It usually falls in price black color modelalthough the bracelet can be easily exchanged later. It weighs only 40 grams, so it won’t bother you even when you sleep. On the other hand, as you have waterproofYou don’t need to take it off when showering or swimming.

Most of the front of its box is occupied by a 1.8 inch TFT screen240 x 286 pixel resolution and 500 nits of brightness. According to our experience, we can tell you that it is a screen of correct qualityenough to view the images even outdoors. The screen is tactile and complements very well with the button on the right side, both keys to control the operation of the smartwatch.

This realme Watch 3 stands out especially for having Bluetooth callsa function typical of more advanced models. This means that, when connected to your mobile, you can both send how to receive phone calls and communicate without problem. This is possible thanks to Bluetooth connectivity and also thanks to the speaker and microphone that the watch equips.

The realme smartwatch serves many more functions. For example, you can show you notifications of your mobile to see them directly from your wrist, find out about the weather in your city and count all the steps you take every day. Its sports use is very important, as it can monitor more than 110 different workouts to tell you how many kilometers you have traveled, the calories burned or the average pace of the exercise.

While you are wearing it, the realme Watch 3 also cares about your health. Have a heart rate sensor who can work all day, plus blood oxygen monitoring. It can also analyze your sleep patterns, monitor your menstrual cycle, and measure your stress levels. As you can see, it is very complete in terms of functions despite its low price.

realme watch 3

Finally, you should also know that its 340 mAh battery can provide about 7 days of autonomy when you use it to the maximum, that is, with all the sensors activated, connected to the mobile and with several training sessions. To load it you must use the magnetic charging base that comes in the box and with which the entire process will take about 2 hours.

You see that this realme Watch 3 assures you a very complete experience to cost only 50 euroshence it is such a good choice if you want to get a cheap smartwatch. We remind you that usually drop to 50 euros in AliExpress Plazawith fast and free shipping so you can start getting the most out of it in a matter of days.

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