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British economy in crisis


The Battle for Technological Dominance: Britain’s Economy in Crisis

China goes to great lengths to overtake the West in the technological battle.

The Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament (ISC) released a report accusing China of infiltrating all areas of the British economy and aggressively interfering with the interests and values ​​of the West. Not only is China a serious commercial competitor, politicians say, but it could undermine the foundations of liberal democratic systems.

IN Office report states that “China is fighting a fight for technological superiority over the West – a fight it appears to be winning.” This has far-reaching implications for world order and security.

The committee also claims that China is “relentlessly targeting” not only economic goals, but also political and ideological ones. China is using its huge intelligence apparatus and cyber espionage to advance its interests at the expense of those of the West.

The UK government does not have an effective strategy to counter the Chinese threat, experts say. Until recently, the UK authorities accepted Chinese investments, and China bought and tried to control or influence the UK’s industry and energy sector. One consequence of this “swapping” is that the UK is now lagging behind China in various high-tech sectors, from nuclear power to telecommunications.

China is aiming for technological dominance by investing huge sums in a number of ” Manhattan projects “. The UK Parliamentary Committee has listed 10 vital industrial sectors in which the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) intends to make China a world leader, including electric vehicles, advanced robotics and artificial intelligence, aerospace, biomedicine and others.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak endorsed the report and said China posed “an era-defining challenge to the international order.” The government has stepped up its stance on China since 2020, when the bulk of the evidence for the report was collected.

The UK Parliamentary Committee based its report on the testimony of witnesses from government agencies, such as the intelligence service, security service, defense intelligence or the cabinet of ministers, as well as on the opinions of external experts from various scientific and think tanks.

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