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Brutal Form VALORANT TenZ Returns After Exploding TSM Mid-Match Ludwig x Tarik


Tuesday, January 17, 2023, 5:40 p.m. 42 p.m., Indochina time.

The VALORANT Sentinels team just entered the tournament, debuting a new lineup consisting of TenZ, zekken, Sacy, PANcada, dephh and Sick, and joined by ex-XSET coach SyykoNT and assistant coach kaplan in an event hosted by the two women. Merchant, YouTuber Ludwig and Tarik under the name VALORANT Ludwig x Tarik Invitational.

The Red Knights Sentinels have entered the field as an invitational team alongside T1 (Korea), The Guard (NA) and TSM (NA), where they’ve been showing great heat since their debut match against TSM. A 2-0 win that featured the most outstanding player of the team, the star of the team TenZ.

TenZ was given a new role to play as a delivery agent, KAY/O, in the first map, but it doesn’t look like he’s playing an Initiator as TenZ uses KAY/’s abilities. O has been very useful to his teammates, showing off 16 kills in the first map Fracture with 25 assists, but TenZ has come to shine for everyone that his current form is back. Indeed, on the Pearl map, it is the second place.

In the Pearl map, on the side of the Sentinels star Duelist, he captured the VALORANT character Agent Jett, who, if asked how hot it is, is that TenZ sends bullets at the enemy up to 32 Kills and dies. Just 8 would be a good answer. In addition, he can summon up to 6 First Kills to his team. It can be said that TenZ’s role in the match against TSM is in top form.

Although the Sentinels managed to beat TSM, they lost to The Guard in the second round with a score of 16:14 and were eliminated by a 2-0 loss to TSM in the bottom bracket. TenZ at the VALORANT Ludwig x Tarik Invitational was a good warm-up for him before heading into the VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Americas League. Come out and say “He’s Back” or “He’s back.”

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