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Canon could improve your mobile camera very soon: these would be your options


The symbiosis between mobile phone and compact camera continues its course, and now it seems that Canon also wants to sign a ‘flagship’ as Leica, ZEISS or Hasselblad already do.

Canon could improve your mobile camera very soon: these would be your options
Canon wants to be the next company to partner with a mobile brand.

We don’t know how it will be done and we are still speculating with whom it will be done, but from Asia they already tell us that Canon will be the next big brand in the photographic industry that will be present on Android phonesWell, apparently the Japanese already looking for a couple with which to sign a flagship phone New invoice and very advanced photography.

Friends of android authority although the news appeared as almost always on Weibo, the most popular social network in China, where an illustrious as digital chat station posted about this possibility for Canon to enter the smartphone market by putting their optics, their experience in digital image processing and/or their work in calibrating the sensors to improve the photographic experience of some cutting phone premium in the coming months.

For now it is just a rumor and a remote possibility, but to give you an example It has been rumored for some time that Samsung was seeking an alliance with Olympus that has never ended up becoming a reality, while many of your direct competitors already have agreements with illustrious signatures:

Why not now think about an option like Samsung and the Japanese Canon working together on the Galaxy S24? The truth is that it would not be so strange, because taking into account the brands mentioned Canon would only have ASUS, Honor, Google, Huawei, Motorola and Samsung itself as accredited candidates for this association.

We have already removed from the equation really, what is a cleave from OnePlus and OPPO and we doubt that it will get out of the Hasselblad script in case of having such high-performance cameras, and also Nokia that has always worked together with ZEISS in this sense. It should be noted that we do keep Motorola, which in the past worked with Hasselblad, although now and under the umbrella of Lenovo everything is different.

Canon could improve your mobile camera very soon: these would be your options

Digital Chat Station, a highly authoritative leaker, leaking on Weibo the possibility of Canon entering the mobile industry.

Of course it’s too early for no announcement and there is nothing to comment that is minimally reliable, so we will not speculate with any manufacturer for now. It would be venturing too far.

What we do know is that all these agreements usually involve Canon’s signature being affixed in the back of flagship on duty naming their photographic system, which also would receive hardware and optical improvements owned by the photographic company, as well as new software and processing functions or optimizations in sensor calibration thanks to the greater experience of the engineers of the photographic company, Canon in this field.

You will have to be attentive, because when the river sounds, water carries and Digital Chat Station is not usually too wrong…

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