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Capcom announces release date for Resident Evil: Village VR mode


Thursday, December 15, 2022, 4:01 PM 43 PM, Indochina time.

Capcom has confirmed that Resident Evil: Village version PlayStation VR2 When will it be launched? Resident Evil: Village VR was announced during State of Play of Sony in June which players will see Ethan face with Lady Dimitrescu that many fans once again adore

Resident Evil Village is the latest installment in the long-running survival horror series that debuted last year and follows the events seen in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard directly, which players have come back to work with Ethan Winters Once again as he travels to a mysterious village to rescue his daughter. Like the 7th installment in the franchise. Resident Evil: Village It took a first-person perspective, a direction that was widely praised when the previous game launched, and lends itself to updates. VR coming up

Player Owned Resident Evil: Village This update will be available for free on February 22, the same day as the release date. PlayStation VR2 This update applies to both versions. Standard and Gold Edition recently released and covers all campaigns Village

According to the information of Capcom that mode VR It uses all the specifications of the headset. Sony screen 4K HDReye tracking and 3D audio, all used to create a completely immersive experience for gaming.

In addition, the controller Sense of PlayStation VR2 It is also set up to give gamers a realistic feel. Because a separate controller will represent the hand of Ethan and work independently Players will be able to act separately, with one hand defending while the other can fire at incoming enemies.

For the fans, it should be very happy that Capcom pay attention to Resident Evil Village very well this year Previously, the team had launched Resident Evil Village Winters’ Expansion which has been well received which includes the return of Mercenaries More Orders, Traditional third-person mode and Shadows of Rose DLC

Resident Evil: Village VR will be released on February 22 for PS VR2

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