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Change the atmosphere of your terrace to your liking with this highly recommended RGB garland


You can change colors and intensity without worrying about the weather that is doing or will do.

Change the atmosphere of your terrace to your liking with this highly recommended RGB garland
For very little money you get 20 bulbs with RGB lights that can withstand the rain, it’s fantastic.

Do you have a terrace or garden and want to celebrate barbecues or dinners with friends and family in a perfect atmosphere? We have found some outdoor lights that you will love, not only for its features but also for its low price. Is a 15 meter garland with several LED bulbs with RGB colors that you can change and with good lighting.

Its price is 37.99 euros on Amazonbut they could suffer a reduction during the next First day (July 11 and 12). They’re a great, and cheap, way to turn your outdoor dining into something different every timeand you can organize outdoor parties with the lighting you want.

RGB garland (15 meters)

Get an idyllic atmosphere on your terrace or garden

outdoor rgb garland

You can hang the garland from a rope or with spikes throughout the garden.

when we have a garden, large porch or a beautiful terrace It is not enough for us only with the lamp that comes from work on the exit door. We need to create a perfect environment for those dinner nights with friendsa children’s birthday or a celebration with family.

For this type of event, even for a romantic dinner for two under the stars, this garland it will come to you like a glove. You only need one mobile to control them, Bluetooth activated and a plug to connect them. It doesn’t matter if they are abroad, they have IP65 certifiedno kind of rain or snow will harm them.

this garland it is 15 meters long total from the plug to the last bulbs. It has a total of 20 bulbs who have some measures 4.5 cm wide and 7 cm high to the hook to hang them. The best way to place them is to first prepare the area with a rope of about 12 meters to hang in it each light bulbs, and leave enough space to connect them to the current in a socket.

garland rgb control

From your mobile you can create spectacular lighting environments.

They come with a USB-A connector at the endso you can also use them with a high capacity external battery without depending on have a plug nearby. Of course, they consume a lot of energy, you may you need a powerbank of at least 20,000 mAh to be able to enjoy these lights for a few hours.

From the mobile you can choose if all the bulbs light up with a certain intensity or color. They also include a remote control to control all of this, in case you don’t want to use the phone. And something that has caught our attention and will come in handy in celebrations with music, is that They can light up and change colors with the rhythm of the songs.

RGB garland (15 meters)

Finally, I would like to clarify that they are very resistant bulbsnot only to rain and wind, but to falls. If for some reason you drop one on the ground, don’t worry, they are made of plastic resistant to falls of this type and should not break. In any case, the manufacturer ensures a bulb replacement if you have this problem.

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