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clues to find today’s word (normal, scientific and accents)


The best clues to solve today’s Wordle.

Wordle in Spanish 369, solution: clues to find today's word (normal, scientific and accents)
Wordle in Spanish 369

Are you trying to solve the word number 369 but you can’t find the solution? Next we are going to reveal the word for today January 11Of course, before we will give you a few clues so that you can find out on your own. In the same way, below you will find similar clues to solve the Scientific wordle with accents of today.

Remember that in addition to these two Wordle challenges, the Spanish one and the scientific one, you have similar titles to entertain yourself with, such as the wordle time trialwhich raises the difficulty of the game a couple of steps.

How to solve today’s Spanish Wordle

Before moving on to the specific tracks of the Today’s Spanish Wordleyou should remember that the choice of words is essential. It is key that in your first two tries you use words with a good variety of consonants and vowels, such as “secar”, “coles” or “molar”. Also study the yellow and green squares, since they are essential to progress in the game.

Even so, if for whatever reason you see that the gray squares are piling up and you are not sure where to shoot, here are some valuable clues that will help you find the hidden word of the game. word 369. After the clues you will find the solution. Go for it!

  • Today’s word starts with L.
  • Today’s word ends in A.
  • Today’s word has three vowels.
  • Today’s word is an animal.
  • Today’s word is feline.

Haven’t guessed it yet? Today’s word for him January 11 is:

How to Solve Today’s Scientific Wordle

Let’s go now with him scientific wordperhaps the best known variant of the Wordle in Spanish. This modality works in the same way as the normal Wordle (you have to guess a hidden word), with the exception that the hidden term will have to do with the field of science.

For the rest, the words of the scientific Wordle can contain between 3 and 7 words, so in many cases the difficulty will be somewhat greater. If you are having problems with the Scientific Wordle of January 11the number 303We give you some clues so you can find the hidden word:

  • The word in the scientific Wordle begins with I.
  • The word of the scientific Wordle ends in O.
  • The word of the scientific Wordle has three vowels.
  • The word of the scientific Wordle is a chemical element of atomic number 77.

If you still don’t see the hidden word of the Scientific wordle number 303Let’s go with the solution.

Today’s word from the Scientific Wordle for the January 11 is:

How to solve the Wordle with today’s accents

Solving the Wordle with tildes is also easyespecially when you have these effective clues, pay attention!:

  • The Wordle word with accents begins with F.
  • The Wordle word with accents ends in E.
  • The Wordle word with accents has two vowels.
  • The Wordle word with accents is esdrújula.
  • The Wordle word with accents has to do with death.

Haven’t you noticed yet? The hidden word of the Wordle with accents number 316 is:

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