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controversy after a user complaint


Apple has once again raised controversy on the Internet with its way of managing its ecosystem. This time, the affected person is an Apple TV user.

"If you want to keep using your Apple TV, buy an iPhone": controversy after a user complaint
Apple TV 4K, the latest device for Apple television.

The controversy is served. Again. A few months ago we talked about the Tim Cook’s answer to a user who complained about certain incompatibilities between iMessage and the Google messaging service. Once again, Apple makes it difficult for users of platforms other than their own to operate with their devices.

In this case the victim is an Apple TV user. This user has complained on Twitter about a problem related to this device, to which he has been left without access. And Apple’s response, while predictable, doesn’t seem like a smart damage control strategy.

Either you are part of the ecosystem, or nothing

Every time they turn on their Apple TV, this user now receives an on-screen notification informing them that if they want to access the device, they must access via iPhone or iPad. This is part of a recent update to tvOS, Apple’s operating system for its television boxes.

This update requires the acceptance of tvOS terms and conditions via iOS or iPadOSwhich ruins any way of accessing the device if it is not an active part of the Apple ecosystem. And, as you might guess, **the user does not have any other Apple devices in their possession*.

It is true that many of the people who decide on an Apple TV do so because already have some element of the ecosystem of the Cupertino brand. However, this does not apply to all users and, until recently, Apple TV boxes could be accessed independently. Management tasks, if necessary, could be done from a PC through a browser.

In previous updates the terms and conditions of use could be accepted from the Apple TV itselfbut that possibility no longer exists. Also, with the new Apple TV minimum requirements regarding the version of iOS or iPadOS (version 16 of both, respectively), anyone with an older iPad and a recent Apple TV you won’t be able to access your device either.

Apple TV is no longer a standalone device. Those of Cupertino have redoubled their efforts to ensure that all their users are part of their ecosystem, despite violating and frustrating a part of their clients.

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