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Cooking Town v1.1.5 MOD APK (Unlimited Gems, Hearts) Download


Cooking Town is a cooking game where players will serve the guests who come to your restaurant and earn a lot of money after each level. The level of challenge of these levels will continuously increase over time, and of course, they will cause many difficulties for players. So, to mitigate this, players can use the money they earn to unlock premium ingredients and new kitchen tools.

Cooking Games


In Cooking Town, players will see many guests coming to their restaurant, and your job will be to serve the dishes they ordered. After seeing the request, the player needs to touch the necessary ingredients and wait a few seconds. The drink and the food characteristics are completely different as you will need to take the food after it is cooked or it will burn. At the same time, the drinks are automatically prepared after being sold.

Players will find the combos feature in a game screen when the player serves consecutively different customers. The creation of these combos is beneficial for the player to receive additional bonuses and quickly complete the level’s objectives. Specifically, a level will often have a goal that you need to achieve, and of course, guests can leave if you don’t serve them quickly.

Cooking Games


The number of levels that players have to overcome is completely diverse in Cooking Town, and of course, a number of new recipes will constantly appear. You will prepare many impressive dishes, and the number of guests will also increase. At the same time, the dish’s complexity is also something to pay attention to, and if you find yourself having a lot of difficulties, then you can try to upgrade the ingredients and kitchen tools.

You will see two different tabs in the upgrade section because their characteristics are completely different. The ingredients tab will help you upgrade the amount of money you get with higher-level materials, and the amount will usually be more. At the same time, the kitchen tools can help you prepare more than two dishes and speed up the preparation time to be able to retain the guests and complete the level well.

Cooking Games

Players will not be able to take their eyes off the attractive cooking screen:

  • The player’s goal in this game is to complete different tasks by serving the customers who come to the restaurant.
  • Food and drinks can be prepared after a waiting period, and the player can create combos to earn more money.
  • Every guest has a degree of patience and can leave if they wait too long, so players will need to observe their requests and respond to them quickly.
  • The number of levels that players can find is entirely diverse and exposes players to different recipes.
  • Upgrades will help you tap into more advanced ingredients and prepare dishes quickly at challenging levels.

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